How do you like to work through and approach times of stress/panic/depression?

Avery N.
In the past I found myself avoiding or numbing because it felt like too much. Now I tend to become curious about it. Sit with it, ask for any lessons I'm to learn and allow it to pass. Sometimes it's quick and other times it's slower. I try to remind myself that every situation is ultimately for my good. It's an opportunity to grow.
C Lestin S.
In an ideal world I would say working through it whilst keeping a clear head works the best but that doesn’t always apply so I think developing that attitude could be vital. I myself have only recently started meditating with “Fabulous” but it really helps me take a break and take a breath. The reason why I (and presumably many others) don’t get into meditation is because it feels like a waste of time. This is because when I focus on the present task at hand (meditation) you experience the length of time. Especially in times of panic and stress I think this can help you understand that there is time and you can approach the tasks without a voice in your head telling you to rush through it half cocked.
Frida Z.
Stop and breath. I caught my self getting anxiety while prepping for Thanksgiving, and it felt so good to catch that moment and decide that that tension didn’t serve me or the situation. Instead I continued on with a peaceful mind and heart.