Is using a journal app better or writing in an actual journal?

Malou P.
Yes actually it is and with the alarm and prompts to help makes it easier to journal. The ability to go back and reflect on situations
Anna C.
I believe that depends on the person. Using the method that makes it easiest and most comfortable is the best way to help you journal more often.
If you are constantly on your phone and always have it with you, then a journaling app may be a better fit for you; or, if you constantly make excuses to not use your physical journal (ie, I left it in the bedroom and I don’t wanna get up and get it) then there is no reason to force yourself to use it.
On the flip side, some may enjoy the feeling of using a physical journal: the act of writing; the feel and smell of the paper; the scratching of the pen on the paper; etc. Also, it is always good to disconnect from everything every once in a while, so a physical journal can help you accomplish a break from technology and the goal of journaling.
I’m of the opinion that using both is the best. Sometimes it is just easier to access your phone, so use that. Sometimes you need that five or ten minutes away from it all, so use a real journal and enjoy the feeling of it!
Georgeta C.
You should definitely try both and see what option makes it more likely that you will follow this habbit. Do not expect to know these things in advance without trying them out. Good luck!
Izzie C.
Nope, notfor me at least! Old paper and pen remain the best way to write down what ‘s on your mind. I find it more relaxing, more engaging, and gives me the opportunity to observe my own handwriting and even to better understand how I feel based on that!
Adri O P.
I prefer an actual journal. I find physically writing to be soothing. Also I tend to write more because I feel it is easier to write than to text. I enjoy being able to see all my thoughts in one place and feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a journal. Starting a new journal is exciting because you can see all the blank pages and wonder what stories you will have to tell and who you will be when it is all done.
Damien A.
Writing in an actual journal is better in my opinion. I don't trust journal apps cause I don't know how private they really are. I know with a notebook I have better control over who sees and reads it. I have a box full of my old journals.
Felix W.
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