What do you tend to write about in your journal, to motivate yourself for tricky times?

T Lay O.
So far, since I just started journaling, I typically just write about what I want my goals to be the next day and then later I reflect on those goals to see if I should do less, more or different things than I did the day before. I've tried writing things that don't work and saying to myself or writing to myself that I won't do that again, hoping that I learn from my "mistakes." I'll also jot down any good ideas I had that day that I want to remember for later.

I'm just a beginner on my journey of journaling but this is how I've chosen to do it for now. We'll see how this evolves!

Erc Lia C.
I write whatever comes to mind. What I did on the day or the day before, what i want to, what i am feeling, what's bothering me, something nice that happened… basically anything that comes in my head.
Michelle N.
I write my long term and short term goals, as well as a daily note of gratitude. I also write affirmations that are empowering and encouraging.
Marianne F.
I don’t really see a way to prepare r motivate myself for tricky times through writing, because writing for me is an outlet for emotional distress that already exists.