Do you use a physical journal or a virtual journalling app? I find it easier to type than write. But it feels kinda cheating?

Actually R.
I use a physical journal. I love transitioning the most I can into a virtual version as much as the next person, but writing—especially journaling—can be a lot more impactful & thoughtful if you do it physically.
Baby T.
I love paper and books pretty pens I love to write in a real journal that’s just my I do like to type but it’s an old type writer but I love her too I would say whatever brings out the real you works as long as your doing it
Victoria Q.
Yes! I use an app called Bear to track my workout schedule and daily habits. The app looks really neat. You can classify different themes with different tags so that it’s easy to track different habits.
Rh P.
I use a physical journal book and a pen to write the journal.

I did this because I had been using diary apps and typing on computer and cell phone for too long that sometimes I don’t even remember how to write some of the words. So this is also a training for myself to re-collect writing in pen and paper.

I found this a better way to let the thoughts flow. Because when typing, I may misspelled by pressing the wrong key on the screen. The correction would take more time, and interrupt the flow of thoughts. Also I notice I am honest to myself when writing with a pen on paper. I tend to write what is correct instead of what is true when typing on the phone as it is usually for a message to others. And I tend to read back and edit, which is also a action to be correct instead of letting out the flow.

That’s my two cents for your reference.

Arista I.
I find it easier to write, what ever is easier I guess haha. My phone has heaps of distractions with texts popping up so I don’t really get that time away to just journal.
Roboredo P.
I use a physical journal. I'm the opposite of you, my thoughts flow more easily if I have a pen in my hand as opposed to a keyboard. I don't think that digital journaling is cheating though. Whatever gets you through.
Barry N.
I’m in the same boat! I’ve always done a physical journal, but this year started doing it just on a word doc and as much as I like how much / how fast I can type, I do find myself feeling like it’s not that intimate. BUT I also think part of that is our “social construction” of what we feel journaling should be like, so if an online document works for you, then stick to that!
Christina K.
I personally use a physical journal; however, I’m the same way with reading books, etc. It tends to be a consistent preference of mine to have something physical to write in. For me, I’m very easily distracted, and I know that I’d stay pretty unfocused. Yet, someone people do well writing in an app or typing because writing can be nearly a chore to them if it’s something they hate, which in turn disuades them from writing in. I suggest trying it one way and then another and see what best suits your goals and makes you the most comfortable. You’re not “cheating” unless you’re cheating yourself by not being comfortable enough to actually do the journaling in the first place. 😊
Kristina Z.
I actually use both. I got a 5 subject journal for all aspect of the inner work i am doing but i also take notes inside the app. If i do make a meaningful entry i screen shot the application and later on transfer it to the journal. I really feel it’s okay to do whatever you feel is best to complete your routine. Aka there’s no right or wrong in the use of the journal!