What techniques or how or when do you do it? What do you journal about?

Jodi Q.
I journal all day long, lately.

I doubt this new trend can last forever, but I'm finding that journaling is essential for my health, which is my priority. And I've neglected this routine for so long, I've made it of utmost importance lately.

I journal about everything from mundane experiences, to joys, to sufferings and losses. I also sketch and do little paintings of plants or abstract images, sometimes.

Mark T.
I journal in the morning and then i try to do a review at the end of the day and notice how my feelings have changed.
I write down what is causing my anxiety at that moment and also try to talk about how i want to address it. I also like to talk myself up.
Gabrielle T.
My technique is really bullet journaling and I also writing ideas for any books I write or just ideas and if I do a day then I put a sticker on a sheet and if I don’t I take 1 off I have a challenge with friends to see who will get the most stickers