Why do you journal, and what techniques have you found that allow you to make it a habit?

James X.
I journal because it helps me to get my thoughts out and to process them. I typically feel better after I have journaled. I use an app that records my streaks in the journal so that helps me to make it a habit. Plus the journal app I use is packed full of features that make the journal process easy.
Casheena C.
I journal to place things into remembrance and to assist with removing any stresses of the day while focusing on what I gained from that day. It helps me to go into the following day with focus and clarity. The techniques I use is to journal before I talk. As most people do when things go either good or bad with our day we want to talk about with someone else who we consider close. Before I go to talk to them I journal. It allows most of what I think and feel to be held within confidentiality so I can express myself in accord with others.