What is your best motivation to do what you need to do?

V Nia Z.
Well that’s simple!
Tell yourself how great you’re going to feel once you have done it! YOU are your best friend, so keep that positivity up! You may be surprised by how much it will boost your self esteem.
De N.
The anxiety is causes me… Especially if it is clutter… Trying to organize and keep it organized .. This year is my main goal… Using my therapy techniques and helps… Using my notes writing everything and making sure everything has a place … Then making sure my family does this to keep me from yelling or going crazy..lol
Jason O.
My motivation is knowing things could be better. I know that I need to be grateful and give everything I can to the world bc people really need it and it absolutely can get better.
So that means I need to be healthy mentally and physically and centered to commit to helping.
Gerdi T.
My Goal and my family are my inspiration and motivation. Love and faith are my drive. My knowledge of the Bible gives me courage to sustain me while I do my work.
Julia O.
I think my best motivation is my vision for the future. If I want to get there, I know I need to do the work, and so I do it. ☺