How can I make my journal more interesting?

Mehraj Q.
Don’t make it interesting. Make it more honest and meaningful. Make it resolute. Make it a mirror of yourself. Roll out your thoughts and limiting beliefs wide open on your sheet and promise to cross over your hurdles. Visualise new future and grow your conviction to live that.
Gilian I.
One of my favorite things to do with my journals is leave a few blank pages (2-3) at the beginning for an index. As I journal, I'll write numbers in the corner of the page and then flip back to the beginning and give that journal entry a title in the index, while indicating its page number. It makes me feel like I'm writing an actual book and it's so much easier to reflect on my mind's progress throughout a longer time frame when I look at the index. Plus I can better use the journal as a reference later on if it ever comes up.