What kind of journal apps do you reccomend?

Matthew F.
I used to use day one which was pretty cool. Reflectly was also really interesting, but in all the best journal is own and paper or a notes app that you are familiar with.
Mille W.
I prefer a physical journal myself. reflectly is really only app one i have tried. so hard to say what ones are really good.
Tulip G.
Probably not helpful, but I don't use an app. I have a simple bullet journal in a moleskine with dotted papee. Mostly daily entries and lists (like movies I want to see or ideas of creative things to do).
Alma E.
Thank you so much for your question. I don’t recommend any journaling apps. What I recommend is an actual journal or notebook. Something about writing down with an actual pen/pencil on paper provides memory, nostalgia and will to record physical, mental and emotional growth and development of great habits. If you must, this Fabulous app has a write in your journal where you can type in your journal thoughts, emotions/feelings, & experiences. You can even type in your gratitude during your BeGrateful habit added to any routine all made within this Fabulous app! Thank you for letting me share.