What’s your favourite part about journaling?

Sabrina N.
It’s good to unload but I particularly think it’s good to reflect on the positive things that happen daily and the annoying things fade away into the distance.
Loane U.
It gives me time to be on my own, take things slowly and reflect on how I’m feeling, what’s important to me or simply clear my mind by dumping it on paper. It helps me process through what I’m living without needing to filter. I feel good afterwards.
Carrie F.
I remember journaling a lot as a kid, in high school and middle school, because it was the only way to get my troubled thoughts and big questions out of my head. I stopped doing it as a adult and I’m not really sure why because when I journal I can begin to see myself more clearly, let go of my negative thoughts and forgive myself in the midst of them. It almost feels similar to how I feel after a ten minute stretch or yoga. The negative thoughts I was troubled with before seem less troublesome.