How much do you write in one day? If so do you have an organised amount of lines given to each day or set amount of words?

Carey F.
I write what feels good, based on my anxiety and control over my situation in the day. I think a misleading idea about writing is that we have to write a certain amount. That will make you feel worse, and make you write less than if you just write a little. What i do to get as much out as possible is a) have scheduled time, b) have prompts to answer, which help me if I can’t think of anything else to say, c) blurb out as much as I can think of at first, and d) take a few deep breaths while I read what I wrote or reflect on my emotions, and then write a few more sentences that address the question “what more would you want to say about this topic, beyond knee jerk reaction?” I average 115 words right now, which tells me I have said something considered, but nothing especially extensive. I am working to expand my writing process over more time