What should I write in my journal?

Camila I.
Sou muito grata! Por tudo na minha vida. Por todos os momentos difíceis que enfrentei e por todos os obstáculos que apareceram. Grata por mudar meu caminho, voltar a cuidar do meu corpo e aprender a cuidar da minha mente e da minha alma. Grata por todos os aprendizados e feliz por tudo que possas vir.
Reyna N.
Whatever comes to your mind at that moment you intend to write ✍🏻 would be great. For real, anything is valid and helpful 😊
Barbara Z.
Whatever comes into your head. A funny joke. A situation that happened at work. Something that makes you angry. Something that makes you happy. A favorite quote. Even a little sketch of a stick figure man holding a lollipop! Whatever you feel like writing down. In the end, your journal is for you and no one else. Use it to help you decompress from a stressful day or just ponder the universe. It's all up to you.
Vanessa R.
Your thoughts as they are passing by your consciousness. These initial thoughts are your raw and truest thoughts that have not been filtered by any challenges of perceptive. Acknowledging our thoughts help us recognize how we truly feel and can adapt from there.
Estev O T.
How did your day went, achievements, tasks to do maybe a thing that happened that day or when you're done with the week write what things happened throughout the week that haven't happened before. Also each day write a good thing that happened throughout the day (I have box that is filled with it you can do the same instead of writing it on your journal)
Elisabeth Y.
You should write the first thought that comes to your mind , write what you feel and based on what your going through in your chapter of life , what goals you have set for your self? , what are the things you need to do to get those goals done ? Write everything that you need to put your focus towards and reflect on those things 💓
Lisa Z.
I write based on what I want to improve right now. So for instance, I am working on recovery from addiction. To accomplish this, I write down the obstacles I come into contact with and brainstorm how to get through them in order to be successful. Some of my obstacles have included, relationships, heartbreak, & negative reactions to extreme emotions.
Patricia T.
Everything and anything, everything that’s been heavily weighing you down, things that are on your mind, Things that are stressing you out, secrets no one knows, everything just because it’s what we did as kids when it was journal time write about your day we should do this as adults too.
Cheska N.
I feel not so good right now. I want to comfort all the K idols going through a tough time. I wish I could be there with them, let them know they aren’t alone. I want to debut and live my dream.
Jesus A.
You should write anything that comes to mind in your journal. When it comes to prompts, you may answer the prompt whenever you feel like in your journal entry, but it’s more of a direction in which you take. When you write, give it your all. That's what I do every time because writing is the safest place you could be, especially if it’s for you and you only. You write as you think, transferring every word to the screen and not having to make sure your piece is perfect. So write anything, follow the prompt, don’t follow the prompt, speak your mind, because what you write is you.
Christina Z.
Just write whatever is on your mind. Maybe you start with a question. When I open my journal every morning I simply put on paper the thoughts that are going through my head. Yesterday, I was thinking about how much I was grateful for a friend of mine. Today, I might write about what is going on in my life that I like to focus on. You don't have to write a lot, just write whatever's on your mind. That's also a website I Google asking for journal writing prompts when I feel stuck.
Jennifer Z.
On this app I usually write what comes to mind when I read the quotes or daily coaching. A memory. A thought. An emotion. A realization.
My journal outside this app is a whole other beast. I love philosophy/spirituality, history, and science. And I love combining all of them together into thought experiments to challenge my beliefs or preconceived notions. Mixed in with my explorations and contemplations are moments from life I want to preserve, emotions I want to release, and affirmations I want to believe. My journal is a physical record of my explorations into my own mind, my growth, and my life.
Kashfia N.
Well you can write whatever you want. I was confused cause I wanted everything to be perfect but I started to do whatever I wanted with it and it was amazing
Lee N.
How you feel on a daily basis. What you are grateful for. Burdens on your mind. Things in your life that you are happy about. If you can see any solutions to your problems. Anything you hope for in the future.
Olivia U.
Write whatever you’re thinking and just let it out if you’re feeling sad write about it if you’re happy write about it. You can then later read it and reflect on how far you’ve come
Christina N.
I am writing 3 things that when we’ll, made me happy or is just positive in my own eyes. Then I write what spiritue practices have done, or it could be good routines, and then 3 insights from the day, this is a very powerful way of going to bed. Much love ❤️