What is the thing you enjoy writing most about in your diary?

Taimi Q.
I enjoy writing a gratitude list. It centers me. Pulls me away from negativity and towards positivity. It also makes me extremely aware of little details about my surroundings, my relationships and myself.
It’s like depositing goodness in bank. I didn’t realize this until the other day I couldn’t get myself out of bed and my half awake self put her hands on my face and mumbled: “I’m grateful for you. You’re doing great. This day is gonna be amazing because you’re in it. You can do this, you’re the perfect person to accomplish the tasks of this day”. Gratitude is the investment that grows within us the more we add to it.
Joshua T.
Writing in my journal help me express my feeling. If I don’t like telling people my feelings I will vent into my journal. It’s very helpful for expressing your mind and being open with yourself. ❤️
Zoe P.
I most enjoy writing my intention in the morning. It gives me something to reflect on as the day goes by and a smaller goal to work towards each day.
Maria Y.
Writing in my diary helps me express my emotions without having to overreact, become violent or extra emotional. Also, because all of my emotions are condensed into a book, I can easily flip through, read, and reflect upon myself. I can look at my best qualities and continue to keep them as habits, then look at my weak ones and make them become a part of my strengths. Last, it can help me improve myself into a more calm and stoic person. 💖
Diana B.
I love writing so much! Dengan menulis, beberapa perasaan dan pikiran yang terpendam jadi bisa tersampaikan. Apalagi di masa-masa pandemi seperti hari ini, bertemu teman atau saudara pun tidak bisa bebas dilakukan. Jadi cara berceritaku dengan menulis. Satu hal lagi, aku bisa lebih memahami diri sendiri karena apa yang aku tuliskan mencerminkan aku.
Tor O.
I enjoy writing my thoughts that only i would understand. My point of views, my feelings, how i think things should be etc. But over all i like writing about how far i have come in this adventure we call life. I think journaling is a great way to self reflect and really get to know yourself.
Evelyn S.
I love to write about my feelings. Not directly, I never write names, because it makes me nervous but if im in love, if im angry at someone i always write that without names. It's a kind of therapy to me
Lauren N.
Don’t really have a diary, I have a journal and I usually will do a mood tracker every month and sometimes will write down what I did each day of one week.
Ross O.
Not so sure if i enjoy it so much. Perhaps i am writing at the wrong time of day. Perhaps i should write in a different medium. Or try to be less aware of correctness. Maybe i will find out, maybe a dairy is not something that suits me daily. But before i start exploring, i will take some practice into simply trying to get a hang of it.
Rebecca N.
I don’t really know bcs I haven’t kept up with the journal. I do the guided journal..

But I guess I would like to write about what makes me tick, about how I am not just what I do.

Valdemar P.
I like to take a card out of my tarot deck and reflect on it. At least just note it as the daily card and write a few notes about it. I love writing.
Shane A.
I like processing my feelings. I don’t love it all the time, but sometimes when I feel like I am having a complex thought or looking to understand myself it’s helpful and nice to see it written out on paper
Eva P.
What I enjoy most is writing about conflicting desires. Often there is a way of figuring out how to combine, if not reconcile them. It’s like the space of the paper helps to map it out or space it out in time.
Matt J.
I enjoy writing about my achievements, however small, for the day. I make small and easy targets for the day and it's satisfying to see I've accomplished them.
Yashika F.
I like to write what I have achieved and all about my good habits my schedule and what to add on from tomorrow in my diary I love writing diary
Alissa N.
I really enjoy writing about my day or about my emotions sometimes I don’t like telling everyone how I feel so I write it in my diary and it’s amazing to get thing of of your mind!
Jana 145 N.
I would say any moment i can go back and reflect on , for example : something funny i did and laugh about it or an incident thay changed my life or something i used to do and then in the future i will be able to compare my self and say did i change for the better or it can be as simple as someone compliments you and thay made you feel happy about or what you have accomplished so far . Remember the more you relfect and write about your life in your dairy the better you will be able to understand yourself ❤🌺 (everything can be considered an accomplished 🌷) getting out of bed , doing something new anything , hope this helps
Montica U.
The moments I want to remember. Especially those sweet tender moments that are fleeting. I try to be as descriptive as possible so I can come back to that writing in my journal and try to feel it in the same appreciation and emotion as when it occurred. There is always one moment in your day that is memorable even if it is as simple as a moment of rest. Find the one good thing in each day.
David W.
Writing installs a calm and let’s me feel more in control of my emotions and my day ahead. It also helps me put events into perspective.
Randy N.
I like being able to connect with myself on a deeper level. It helps me think about what I need to do to reach my goals. It helps me remember my goals and how far I’ve come.
Frederikke A.
It gives me a chance to synthesize my thoughts in a safe place for no one else’s benefit but my own. I feel it is prompting me to use reasoning skills I enjoy using, but generally don’t have an opportunity to use outside of an educational setting. I also seem to be extremely sensitive to criticism including my own constant critical inner voice. That voice is variably crippling. But I acknowledge and appreciate that I can control this recording. There’s a part of me that feels I’m broken because I have to take conscious effort to do this. But I know that my mom says she struggles with the same problem. Writing helps me to identify the error in my thinking.
Roohia F.
The day spent. Maybe I can try to be more innovative. Like writing something about the nature or creation or beauties around me every night.
Paola Z.
The thing that I enjoy about writing in my diary is the words I don’t say out loud. My diary is where I speak everything that is in my brain, it’s a place where I could “talk” and nobody would judge me. It’s where even the most challenging toughs of my life are placed. But sometimes I do fear writing them down. It’s a book that I hope no one will find.
Wayne O.
It can vary but it helps me to reflect on my thoughts. I find that first in the morning is useful to clear any clutter going on my head. When I'm more awake I use it as a sort of mirror to bounce back information I am trying to get through. If I'm anxious I soothe myself, if I'm happy I celebrate myself. Hope this helps 😊