What do you journal about?

Clara P.
I usually combine my comment about the quote or message with whatever I am feeling about the day. I try to make the journaling process act as both a reflection and diary all rolled into one.

Milana N.
Do you mean, what are you supposed to journal about? Or what do you journal about? I’ll answer as if it’s “What do you journal about?” Yesterday, when I first journaled, I didn’t understand what to do. I deleted the quote and I think I wrote that I didn’t understand. Today when I journaled, I wrote about how the quote reminded me of when I journaled yesterday, how remembering journaling yesterday made me feel, that I understood how to journal now because of that, and that I thought kind words to myself like today’s quote.

Gracie P.
whatever really. it could be what it’s asking, like “how does water make you feel” and i just you know say how water makes me feel, or i ignore it and write what’s been on my mind lately, because i can’t say it to anyway else. i’m tired of writing it in my notes or stuff like that. so i wrote it in my journaling thing here. usually they are pretty long answers and while i am writing them there’s a lot of tears.

Sofie N.
I journal about my thoughts and really anything that comes to mind. I try to think of my true feelings and inner thoughts! 🙂

Michelle N.
I most journal about my current state of mind and my current situation with how things are going and where I am in life. Then I try to see a way of making lemonade with the lemons life has thrown my way. Learning not to sweat the small stuff is easier said than done with me so, writing it all down on paper gives me a handle over my reaction and helps me to process things easily.

Nachiketa P.
I write about the tasks I achieved, the conversation I’m having with people and just immediate things that are on my mind.

Maria E.
i journal daily about the things i've done recently and am going to do that align with my highest self and my goals and i also include things already in my life that i am grateful for

Hsu R.
My goals, 3 things I am grateful for, 3 things I want to focus today, daily activities log, the best thing that happened today.

Christina E.
i wrote about how i feel motivated and how i am tired of being lazy, so i want to change things in my life and change the view of how i see life:)
also a journal question -what am i most proud?
my answer is: i am most proud of me and my friend that we made a kinda diffucult exam and we got on a school that we wanted:)

Samira X.
I usually journal about the daily quote on the app and what it means in my life. Other great things to journal about are: things you are great full for, hardships you overcame, positive things about yourself, things you are looking forward to, hopes & goals, How your day has been or exciting things happening in your day, etc

Gabriel U.
Well it lets me retrospect on the day, face the conversations in my head that I avoid ,feel grateful for all the things that happened, celebrate all the accomplishments of the day also helps me plan for the next day

Ken P.
Anything!! I do a thing called writers notebook which my teacher made us do all the way back in year 7! You just pick up your pen and write whatever comes into your head it can be about your day, your thoughts, your issues, planning for something, a story, a song anything at all!! The only requirement is writing 🥰

Eliyah N.
Nothing about yourself only what is good for to remind you that all is G-d.
Just as a mirror covered with dust shines brightly after it has been cleaned, in the same way, once an embodied soul has been the true nature of the Self, he becomes complete, fulfilled and free from sorrow.

Anna N.
I've never considered myself good atournalism journaling – but I don't want to skip the task. So I keep it short, focusing on choosing the words to answer the question about the daily quote. I briefly reflect on it and then try to find the best word to describe what it means

Kyra G.
A bullet journal full of tasks I need to do, stuff I did that day, and my thoughts throughout the day. It also contains a few productivity notes, lists of things I would like to get and some art ideas.

Cupid E.
I journal about what happened that day. Also about stuff that I just need to get out. Lots of things, honestly. Journaling for me is just a way to express my mind and get things out that I can’t keep in. I’m a very secretive and quiet person, so journaling helps so that I don’t explode from everything I hadn’t gotten out.

Emily P.
I journal little reminders to myself. Whether they be insights to my own thinking process and mental health, or encouragements about my progress and creative outlets, I journal to remind myself to things that are important. I journal so I can look back and reminder my validity, and that everything I’m feeling is real and stems from something.

Mballu N.
Firstly I move I put on a 15
Minute exercise video or dance video something that will get my heart pumping and the feel good chemicals moving. After you have exercised take a nice warm shower dry yourself and lie down and meditate you will feel so good.

Michelle Z.
I usually journal about how my day went, what i was thinking, my own personal opinions about a topic i have heard or discussions i have encountered. Not everything needs to be announced to the internet because there will most likely be other people pushing their own opinions if they disagree with yours, it inevitably silence your intuition or your inner self from producing a thought unique only to you… most of discussion in this decade lacks a healthy balance of accepting other people's opinions and compromise or agreeing to disagree.

Heather E.
I journal mainly about my emotions, but also memories and just basic daily stuff. I think it's important to keep memories saved somewhere where you can remember and reflect, and for me that's a hard thing to do just in my mind. Journaling calms me down when too emotional and helps me keep my feelings in check.

Niete W.
Mostly my thoughts. I’ve been having a relapse with my depression lately. I have no solid support system. I barely voiced out or share my feelings when I’m on the verge of breaking down. Sometimes I long for someone to just ask me how I am, but sadly I barely receive one. I’m dating someone now, but I can’t connect with him emotionally yet. Maybe he’s too detached or maybe I’m too afraid to speak out my mind. It’s hard going through this journey alone. Sometimes I think it’s better if I’m gone. Or maybe it’s for the best if I no longer exist, but I still have this sense of responsibility, this side of me where I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I just wish—no, I pray that I’d be able to connect with someone in everything. I pray that one day I’d feel okay too, that I’d stop crying over things I can’t control. I just want to be loved and valued. I’m tired of being alone. Is that too much to ask?

Randall U.
Well I reflect on the day and list the pros and cons but also I list my thoughts and feelings that happened during the day, it could be thoughts of people or (since I am still in school) about certain subjects that I disliked and what I thought could be better or what I liked and wanted to keep.

Johnmichael F.
I journal about what I do during the day & night. I journal my emotions, thoughts, & dump any thoughts or worries, or even make a to do list so I don’t have a sense of vague anxiety in me. This helps with me being consciously awake & being in the present moment, aware of everything.

Loli B.
I usually write about what I’m thinking or respond to how I feel after reading a quote. I’m not a very diligent journal writer but I find that it helps me reflect on changes that I’m trying to make and capture thoughts that I’m having about my journey.

Noa U.
Everyday I journal what I feel for the day and what I have to do in the day. And then the next day I look back on what I have completed and hopefully I feel a little better especially if my day started off a little rough.

Ivana P.
I journal about how I felt and what happened during my day. Also, I write down three things that I am grateful for everyday.

Dalal N.
Whatever you feel like writing down. Sometimes I don't write about my day, but I draw it out on paper. You can also usr gratitude to write down what you're grateful for that day.

Miya U.
I answer the questions the app asks me. I journal about how I feel and sometimes what I could’ve done better in a situation

Agathe N.
I write down what's going on in my day, my thoughts, my dreams, I make character sheets of people I know ( loved or not ), I draw emojis at the end of some sentences and I usually illustrate with flowers! 🌺🌹🌼 Good luck with the journaling, it can be time consuming, but it's really fabulous!! ✨

Nadirot N.
Anything and everything. Anything that comes from your mind, to your shoulder, and down to your hand – write it down. It helps to relax and reflect on life.

Юлиан Рачев N.
Most often, about my day, random thoughts that have came to my mind during the day, or whatever comes to my mind while i am journaling

Ava E.
I journal about many things, some examples are, what happened in my day, what I learned that day, things I need to do, plans for the future, and many more. Journaling helps me tune in with myself.

Christie G.
One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast is 2 boiled eggs(no salt) dipped in Salsa and a piece of turkey Bacon, and a banana.
It is a lean protein breakfast that’ll make you just feel good.

Meg F.
I do a guided gratitude journal to remind myself that I have so much to be grateful for no matter who or what is going on.

Renata I.
I always answer the questions and the journaling depends on the time.

If it’s in the morning I will reflect on how my day is going to be, what are my expectations and how I woke up feeling.

Afternoons are normally when I have something in mind in desperate need to put it on to the paper.

Night times I reflect on my day, how it went and how I feel about it. What I’m glad went well and what I will work on tomorrow to be better.

Julie F.
Mostly about the events of the day. I do it in bullet points, so I don’t take too long on any one thing. I’ll also include really strong emotions about those events/thoughts and ideas I had. I find that keeping it brief and focused on events/tasks completed gives me an excellent record of time and my accomplishments. Then, when I feel like I’m accomplishing nothing and nothing ever happens to me, I can look back and have simple, recorded proof that those thoughts are incorrect.

On occasion, I’ll write a longer entry that is more centered on venting/working through emotions or a problem. But I don’t do it everyday; only as necessary.

Kelly T.
Your lunchbox by your shoes, or your keys, or something else that you need to take with you every day to work. It doesn’t need to be full. It just needs to be there. When you see the lunchbox you will remember that there is nothing in it and will fill it up and then take it with you on your way to work. Or it can before, with non-perishable items for the day, and then be filled with the other things that need to be on the fridge the night before..

V Lson N.
I tend to journal any negative thoughts and feelings that I may be holding on to so that I have the opportunity to release them in a healthy manner rather than allowing them to release in negative ways. I also find time to journal things I am grateful for.

Jessie Q.
normally there’s a quote in fabulous that i reflect on, and then i talk about my day, my achievements, and anything that’s on my mind.

Thomas O.
Eu gosto de escrever sobre o que eu estou sentindo naquele momento. Sobre a minha vida, sobre o que eu quero viver, sobre o que eu posso ou o que eu preciso mudar e sobre o que eu quero

Georgia N.
I usually journal about how I’m feeling mentally especially in lockdown. I get pretty bad anxiety and stress and panic attacks and feel sick (possibly from stress) very often so I usually like to write down how I’m feeling so I can reflect back on my progress and let out what I’m thinking it my head onto the page. This is how I can keep track of the different moods I go through over certain periods of time. I also write down things to remember them when I am an adult so in the future I can like reflect back and see what it was like for me, what was happening, how I felt and what I liked to do at the time.

Sarah O.
i write my to do lists, my ideas into my journal. i also write affirmations, things i’m grateful for, and about my feelings.
i write my poems into my journal too

Karl J Rgen O.
What I’m thinking. I like to tap into a stream of consciousness and let the narrative go where it may. Usually, it’s thoughts that have been weighing on me that conclude in a positive/uplifting way. I generally don’t have a prompt, but am able to write freely for a significant amount of time.

Kaye N.
I usually journal about my day, the good things mostly and things. I write about my thoughts and reflect on my day, my behavior and my thoughts. I can use this to see my growth through using this app and practicing more mindfulness and meditation.

Caren J.
I think about the question that was posed and answer it as truthfully as possible. I also try and look for scriptures that reinforce the question/quote of the day. And I also make comments on those scriptures. If my husband is around, I have a conversation with him because he helps to draw out some of my thoughts and then I journal those as well.

Frida P.
I journal about how I want my day to go. If I get in my feelings then I journal about it. However I feel it goes in by journal.

Mihaela N.
I have a list where I write in my emotions of the day. It gives me time to reflect on the day I had and think about what activities brought me positive emotions so I can do them more. I also have an eating diary, where I write in every meal and hour of the meal. So I can focus on mindful eating and not just stuffing my face with calories.

Thea E.
Ammm sometimes about how I’m feeling in the morning, and what I felt the day before. I reflect on how I felt yesterday and how I could have done things differently to feel better with myself.

Elya Z.
I wrote about my day, how my plants changed day by day, what did I cook and use the spice I planned. How many minutes I excerised more than yesterday.

Hannah N.
Either my day or what i want to happen in the future. Sometimes i use my journal to plan my day or track habits and when i want to do something more fun, i use my bullet journal to make cute spreads

Aida Lynn E.
I journal about my day. I go to work and document what made me happy and what I did. I usually would like to tell someone face to face about my day but I just write in my journal for now.

Aleeya A.
My journal book mostly used for me to plan out my day and list all my todos☺️☺️I also write special events in it and made my own habit tracker and sleep tracker

Sophie N.
I journal about the months in a year. I basically write down what I did in each month and make it look nice and cute. I love journalism because it helps me relax and helps to serve me a clear mind. I started journaling in August of 2021 and hope to keep journaling for as long as possible.

Baptiste Z.
I journal about everything and nothing at the same time. I just write whatever is on my mind. Sometimes it can be about a situation that happened that day, about what I saw, what I thought, a dream that I dreamt at night, an idea that came to my mind that I would like to inplement. Sometimes it’s just random thoughts that come to mind and don’t make any sense.

Angela P.
Dreams, things I notice, the Love I feel. The thinking that feels like it’s not even mine at times, the thought drops that come out of no where.

It seems like there really is a whirl wind of activity surrounding me. The feeling coming off of it is a lot better than it was. At times, I feel I have many people to thank and other times people to tell to F off, which I bite back, mostly. Awe the beautiful balance of life!

Lindsey N.
Sometimes about my day, little things that make me happy, what I'm grateful for, things I like about me, what I'm looking forward to, and I look up journal prompts to help me on the days I can't think of anything.

Perry F.
Mostly just my feelings. Usually basic things from what happened that day. I’d like to start journaling about deeper feelings.

Catalina E.
Personally I try not to push my self too much or make it bigger than it already is if I’m feeling a bit dull I’ll just a few words, normally how I’m feeling at the moment however some other days I’ll have loads of ideas going on in my head so usually I just write whatever thoughts I have especially about how I’m feeling

Kyra G.
I like to Journal my thoughts and what’s going on in my days. If I’m having a good day or a bad day, what happened today or what’s planning to happen in the next couple of days.

Fiona N.
Anything and everything. I mostly write down when I’m anxious or stressed to pinpoint why and tell myself in writing why I shouldn’t be. But I also love my beautiful fountain pen so I write anything that comes to mind just so I can use my pen more!

Joless N.
i write a “to do list” about the new habits i’ve introduced in my routine and that i still dont do automatically, i write thoughts about myself and what id like to do to feel better, i write what happened during the day, maybe some reminder, something i could do in my free time, the goals that id like to achieve and anything that helps me keeping a mental balance

Sue N.
I journal sporadically. Sometimes just gluing items from my day too the pages. Sometimes my thoughts about the Bible verses I'm reading. Sometimes my prayers. Sometime my frustrations. Sometimes my joys.

Lara N.
About everything, it depends on the day, sometimes I simply write about my day, other times I focus on what I’m grateful for, or I can journal about my goals for the future or tell about something I have reached and I’m so proud of.

Melina Y.
Well it’s not that deep, I just think about the quote of the day and it makes me think. I write down what it means to me.

Tristan S.
Mostly, I like that the app converts my reflections to the daily coaches into entries in a virtual journal in the app itself.
But I’ve also started to write on the notebook. The same for the “to do” lists. I’m writing personal feelings and opinions. Things that I’ve been long developing in my head. Probably I’ll start turning them into a clear plan.

Megan P.
Literally anything and everything. My journal is really just a stream of consciousness journal. I write what I did that day, how I feel, what I’m worried or excited about. Sometimes I look for prompts and just write about those if I’m feeling stuck. I also do some random art in my journal. It’s not always good, but that’s not the point. My journal is a rule-free zone. I do whatever I want in there. Because of that, I can really let go of my perfectionism and just destress.

Albino T.
I journal about different things on different days. I find that journaling is about writing what makes you feel better about yourself. You could write about your day, your thoughts and feelings, experiences, or maybe about hopes and dreams. I find that journaling down these things makes my goals more of a reality, and I can find ways to achieve them by looking through my pages of daily life.

Michelle Z.
I would like to start journaling about my feelings throughout the day or the highlights of my day to motivate me on the days that I am down.

Victoria Y.
I usually journal about my negative and positive feelings, interesting encounters, about learning, also about my future.

Roo N.
It’s about myself. I usually write about my day and what have done throughout the day. I praised myself in a way to motivate myself. I also look at what has worked well and areas in my daily life that needs improvement.

Mitchell O.
I️ only started journaling on this app. A lot of what I️ have to say is about being a happy mom or how to be. And being a happy mom means to be mentally happy about life and about myself.

Davidson Warmate N.
my diary is about the life of a single man.
i talk mug on daily wants from lazy types individuals who like the bed all night .
i draw beautiful mindsets on people i'll want to be with and have quality time with , the world is changing , conversations are transformative making magic so, i'll have to watch out for what's ahead.

Morana N.
there are daily quotes in the journaling task, I think about them and then I write how I understood them, how can I apply the quotes/learnings/wisdom to my life right now, what is the positive thing or an insight that I extract from it

Worood F.
I journal about my day and how I feel throughout the day. My favorite part of the day or any part that I didn’t like. Something new I tried or something interesting that happened. I also just write ideas that come to mind.

Zoe B.
My journal is usually bullet points about my dreams, but the long extensive ones are about my feelings towards situations in my life. Its like having a conversation with my high self

Alicia E.
I actually start from the date then write goodmorning.. after that I make points of what I do like if I drink water I directly go to my journaling notebook and make point like that I do this whole day which helps me to memorize what I did in a day and I often share my mental health journal in a online journaling its helping me alot and I hope it will keep helping me

Connie P.
Honestly anything that pops right into my head. And it can be anything, and branching of from there wherever my thoughts take me.

Dalal N.
Achievements even though a small thing like for example walked more than 7 thousand steps. I usually use the journal for the challenges I do on fabulous.
I also have jar I use it to write o good thing happened everyday and write it on a small paper then put it in the jar. I do this to realize that I need to be grateful. And it also helps me to love myself more,changes your mood, just better your mental health.

Anan V.
I journal about vampire diaries and Harry Potter and stranger things and mostly about books that I like and I also journal about life

Chelsea T.
Usually when I am writing in a personal paper journal, I write about my day so I can remember it. I also write about my emotions and the things I thought but probably didn’t say to them.

Nadia N.
I usually keep a journal to plan out my week or month, but sometimes I’ll use it like a diary where I do a ‘brain dumb’ which is basically when I write down everything that is bothering me or stressing me out or just things that I have to remember.

Emily C.
It feels like a load is off my shoulders. It a way of actually seeing my thoughts and better reflect. It’s also a way to say things than I can say out loud. My brain is always thinking, always moving and I haven’t found anyone that can keep up the pace

John F.
I have not tried writing long journal entries. Sounds like doing so is considered a best practice for gaining self-awareness and self-improvement. I can certainly write long-form content. It’s just that using a phone to write long messages is tedious and difficult. So, I could journal about that. Or I could mention my choir, or service projects, or business or personal issues. So, I will pick a topic going forward and try to improve.

Liva W.
I don’t journal often but I’d like to start. If I do journal it’s about my day or my feelings and emotions or my want and needs. I like to write what I desire for myself in the future or speak on my past and take lessons.

Ariadna Z.
About the things that happens during my day, how people trates me, how my day goes. I use a app it is call Morning, this help me a lot.

Jacob C.
My journal is about making sure I stay on the positive side of my life and not focus on the negative, but I need to let the negative things in my life play their role however that doesn’t mean that they infiltrate my life.

Meriem T.
I write the main events of my day. What I did, where I went, what I ate. I also write about my feelings and emotions during the day and I finish my journal with three things I am grateful about this day.

Ambr Sio Q.
I journal about the ideas that can better myself and my future to further my self in my own endeavors to ensure that no matter what I don't break or fold under the pressure when dear times call for such behaviors

I have and will stand the test of times in any degree

Greta N.
I only journal when I feel like it, I did not try to make it a daily habit because then I will often write the same things and it is not special enough anymore. Due to this, I write in my journal often about new experiences, feelings that hold on to me or angst, worries and the like (writing it down often soothes the feeling). In conclusion, I write when I need it and I write about the things that I feel need to be written down.

Sebastian G.
I journal about self growth, affirmations, reflections, goals, routines. and sometimes if all this doesn’t work for my I draw or paint out all my feelings. Anything that makes me feel productive, safe or helps me recognise what emotions i’m having and allowing myself to feel like i’m allowed to be vulnerable. I also like to reread my old journals because i can see my progress and it’s like looking through a window into your past self, current self or future self’s brain.

Addi Y.
i usually journal about my day, and about how i’ve improved myself over time. it really helps me to evaluate myself and how far i’ve come each and every day, no matter how small the change is.

Nora A.
I journal about the things i have been doing wrong, what motivated me to make a change, how i am sustaining the change, and how i can incorporate that change for a better me. This eventually helps me complete my daily tasks much earlier and in a more better way as i love myself motivated and productive.

Karin I.
about a lot of things. i have a lot on my mind that need to get out so yeah. but sometimes i write about may day what happened how it made me feel and all that. or u can just get ur journal take a deep breath try to clear your mind and then the firt word that comes to your mind just write about that. like for an example u think of “food” and just write about how food makes u feel why does it make u feel that way what it meand to you and so on. hoped i helped at least l little:))