How much time should we be writing at least?

Donna P.
A good reflective cycle to start with is Bolton’s 6 min dash. Just write for 6 mins whatever thoughts come to you, write it all down. After the 6 mins you can read what you have written and you may be surprised at what comes out.
Julie O.
I don't think you always have to give yourself a set number of minutes. Write until you feel like you have completed your train of thought. Everything you want on the paper is there. If it is, you're done.
Lilla G.
I think 15mins should be the ideal min amount of time that you spend journaling. But if you are really busy and just take 5mins that should be actually enough to dive into your thoughts and get out what you would like to.
Abram F.
You should at least be able to meet for 30 minutes to an hour so that you can really get in the information in my head to get you paid and reading really helps the brain I’m being sharp and I think you know I’m reading important for the
Gordon E.
That is a good question. I struggle with it sometimes myself. I think that it depends on how much detail you want add to what you are writing, which is really up to you. You need as little as will get all your ideas down on the page about the topic(s) of your writing. If you just dive write in(did u catch the pun😉) and write until you have to stop to think, then bam, that is all of your first ideas, and the minimum you should write if you are trying to build a strong habit. The maximum is until you run out of words. Say you get to that point where you have to stop and think, and then you think of more things to say, then keep writing until you can't think of more things to say even if you try. The thing with journaling is that it is very raw, candid writing in that typically you don't go back and change much after you have written it. Also, remember: what you write is for no one except for you, unless you chose it to be otherwise. Hopefully this has answered your question!
Courtney S.
I didn't plan any amount of time I should write. Instead, I've set up a page limit. I try to write a whole page every morning, whatever time it takes me to do it. My pages are somewhat small, so it doesn't take that long, I get to express about one feeling and that's enough to be reflective. Writing shouldn't be a burden but a relief, so I try not to put pressure on myself, whatever I do is already enough. Five minutes, fine. One minutes, Ok. Thirty minutes, that's awesome!
Rasmus P.
I think writing is very important and great so as you can i think you should write as possible as you can because that finely will reflect to you and your life