What do you write in your journal after a few days?

Diego Z.
Usually I write the little things I enjoyed, my thoughts, what I want to change and what I want to keep doing.
I write my thoughts about books, friends, and I work on my self
I try to focus on what my soul and heart wants, I give compassion to myself, I credit myself, I appreciate the people around me, I think about "how can I make my life even better and go to the next level?"
Mc Kinley O.
I write in my journal every day, just about what happened to me, how I did on my goals, how I felt, or about anything that's on my mind
Annamarie Q.
I start with the date and how I’m feeling right now. Then I add in what made me feel better and what made me feel worse. If you ever get stuck, just look up journaling prompts for mindfulness!