Is it good to write a planner?

Rosemary N.
Yes, it is. It makes you more organized and aware of what is to be done or accomplished for the day. It also motivates you to do work since you are aware of the activities of the day.
Vasilescu E.
Yes, it really helped me. We are busy and forget small things to do, so making a planner is the best choice in my opinion :))))
Katrina P.
Writing in a planner not only motivates me to push myself but helps keep me organized and on track during the busy and stressful times so I am more likely to succeed.
Zeba N.
Having a sense of how your time will be spent is a good idea. Though, meticulous writings of each task could remove the chance of creative living. Perhaps, a general sense of how time is spent isn't a bad idea, but one should be flexible.
Cherith N.
yes!!! i use my planner to keep track of my habits, goals and important dates. i can cross of my assignments as i finish them and write new ones down throughout the school day.
Ylenia Z.
I have to plan and organize all that I have to do.. otherwise I lost my self. I write down a plan to study,, a to do list. Always
Katie B.
Yes. It is important to know exactly what your goals are and what the steps are to accomplish them. By using a planner, you are able to make reasonable and accomplishable goals, without setting yourself up for disappointment. It doesn't matter how quickly you get there, but that you are taking the steps in the right direction.
Suyeong Z.
it is. in fact, thank to it, you can always have a cute calendar with your tasks in it and you don't have to use your phone, so there is a lower possibility of you to procrastinate.
Rebecca X.
It’s just one of many organizational tools. If it works for you, that’s good. Play with it, write a planner, see how it works and feels. Make adjustments to it it to make it work for you
Darryl C.
Having a planner allows me to have an overview of my schedule and tasks for the day, week, and even month. It also helps me plan properly, which helps me feel like I have more control of my life. It makes me feel less anxious knowing what I have to look forward to in the coming days, weeks, and months.
Katrina N.
You can do anything you want. Eating something for breakfast will interrupt the fasting during the night and give you the fuel you need for your mind and body . even if it’s something small like a protein shake, handful of nuts, a boiled egg, banana, a healthy juice.
Fabio Y.
For me, it’s 100% better to write in a planner. Not only does it lay clear the days, weeks or months tasks, but the act of writing down those tasks also helps me to remember them. By far the best thing about a planner is allowing my mind to declutter. Much like the rituals here, a written agenda makes tasks more manageable and the fulfillment of being able to put a check mark of completion by each one is very satisfying.
Silje U.
Spending a short amount of time to unwind, organize, and prioritize is a good habit that will help motivate and relieve us from being overwhelmed. Any planner will do.
Hope Y.
Yes. Planning out your day keeps you from having to make to many decisions. You already know how your day is going to go and what your going to eat. Planning my days out was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.
Eimear Z.
If having a to-do list and not ticking every item as done will be stressful, I would avoid a planner. However for appointments or timed plans that aren't in the immediate future I like to add these to my diary. If using a planner, I avoid overfilling or timing the day.
Adasa Q.
It is always good to write a planner because a planner is the beginning of a routine or as I say in new start a fresh year
Natasha O.
In my opinion, having a planner by your side is good because you can jot down any plans or things that need to be done. You can also track your habits or track anything that you have put in the planner at the end of the month, so you can see what you had improve during that month and what new hobbies/habit you have learnt during your journey
Munirah F.
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