How do you stay consistent in your daily routines?

Gloria N.
Planning part is very important. I came up with a Low Maintenance list of the crucial daily tasks, and add the rest to the "to do list" in my journal
Sam U.
It takes holding a vision of your future… it takes commitment to yourself and to bringing that vision into reality! By practicing mindfulness throughout the day, you can observe your thoughts and actions to redirect them when needed. Anchoring new habits to things you already do while starting small, actions so small they almost seems to easy, will build trust in yourself which helps tremendously as well.
Sunshine N.
It’s not easy, but I just think like.. why get off such a good routine that makes me feel so good to just be lazy barely get anything done with my day, that would be a waste of time, and time is very valuable, every second of our life is. So why not spend that time doing great things and working hard and achieving for good results!