Is it ok to write a digital journal than a physical one?

Rosa Z.
I think so. It really depends on the person I personally like to write in a physical one. It makes me feel separate from my electronics.
Doris X.
Yes because all that matters is that you write something down. A physical journal is more therapeutic but an online journal works just as well.
Zhannur N.
I myself used to have piles of notebooks and diaries but more than 2 years have been using a digital one. I find it more comfortable and secure. I used to think of myself as a person who feels better only when I write something with pen/pencil but I proved myself wrong. Digital journal also helps you to stay organized and u can return to the day you want with one click instead of looking for a page in a physical one trying to understand your handwriting
J Ssica R.
I'm not sure if it's ok, but I often do it here on the fabulous app when I'm feeling lazy or tempted to do write anything, I go on the writing section and there you have a space to write. The paper might be bettter, but digital is better than nothing! šŸ™‚
Rose P.
It's ok. Now in the digital area some people prefer apps that help with journals, diary, etc; others continue writing in paper. I think it depends on you. If you like apps or you spend more time with your cellphone, you can try it digitally. But if you are old school and prefer paper, you can buy a cool notebook or specifically a bullet journal.
Mari E.
Whatever works personally for you! I prefer a hard copy with a paper and pen. But on nights when Iā€™m struggling I journal (same format as when I write it) on the notes in my phone. Then the next day I transfer it over! That way I recognize what was hard about the day before to make me digitally journal instead.
May S U.
I think physical journal is better for carrying out the emotions but digital journal is also good as long as it records memories šŸ„°
Hermi R.
I think there's nothing wrong with digital journal. You can write and edit at once. I find physical journal, though, a much personal approach. The gliding of the pen against the paper seem to give life on what you are writing. That's my personal opinion. But whichever you choose, the important thing is you are able to pour out your thoughts.
Christine Z.
I prefer to write with a journal on paper with a favorite pencil. I like taking the time to write…it helps me express and focus my thoughts and feelings. I like to hear the pencil scratching on the paper…
You can do a digital diary…it is helpful if you are on the go and want to quickly capture some thoughts…otherwise sitting down and writing it out is more enjoyable. Insight often comes in flashes, so it is helpful to have a way to capture that quickly in a digital format