I struggle with writing daily, I get distracted in other tasks way too easily. What are your techniques to look forward to write on your journal and stop postponing it?

Isabella Y.
I like finding a journaling exercise or prompt. I feel a bigger sense of accomplishment when I complete an exercise, rather than sitting in front of a blank page for a while before eventually writing a bunch of negative feelings about myself or my environment. I seek out prompts or exercises that focus on gratitude or gear away from negative thinking habits.
Max F.
Writing in my journal is my way of waking up and setting my intention for the day. I list out everything I love, am grateful for, and what's on my mind. It sets me up for a grateful heart during the day and allows me to take the time to listen to myself.
Jane U.
Well actually,my techniques for looking forward to write on my journal and stop postponing it are only my own techniques because they were given to me by some people in my own special circle of people that I have had for a number of years now, like, during the time in my life when I was really 100 percent dealing with the growing up pain and suffering as a child, I think I remember what some of them are: 1. To set aside a specific date time to really focus on my own personal writing activities. 2. To find a location where I won’t be distracted by the nonsense that doesn’t serve me very well. 3. To put together an actual plan and schedule it into my calendar at home/ in my close unpaid support friends cell phone calendars of course with their consent, approval, as well as advice, suggestions, and recommendations,
Bessie T.
I use a law of attraction planer/ journal. Sometimes I just freestyle with it if I have time in the morning. For me, thinking about why I want these burning desires not only forces me to think more interpersonally and also about ways I can be more civil to those who have mutual support and respect with me.