How long have you been journaling and what value does it add to your life?

Rue N.
my journaling habits are very irregular but when I take the time to sit down and write it really helps clear my mind and rationalise my thoughts

Lance E.
I have been “journaling” for a few weeks now. I don’t think of it like a diary. It’s more like a set of reminders for myself.

I use Grid Diary. I have 10 daily prompts set up for me. They all have questions that I answer to remind myself why I need to stick to my goals. They’re like affirmations, but in the form of a question. Anything that I want to believe about myself or what I should be doing…in the form of a question so that I have to actively think about it and recall the feeling.

I have questions that ask what I would regret not accomplishing before I die, so that I am motivated to work towards those goals each day. I have questions about why I should finish my daily routines.

I also have questions that are like therapy. I have a question about if I was irritated by anyone, why, and how I can use communication to avoid those irritations in the future.

I have a question about what I’m proud or grateful for. This is great for starting the day with a positive feeling towards myself and those around me. Then I’m already loaded with positive memories of the people surrounding me if they do something upsetting.

I have a spot for the tasks that I need to accomplish and why I want or need to accomplish it.

And then I have a review question that asks about what was easy and what was difficult, If anything that day changed my priorities and why. This is great for noting things that have become easier and for noting significant life changes.

Sam F.
I've been journaling on & off for over 20years. It's great for getting my feelings out. Especially if something is upsetting me

Sid E.
I have been journal since I was 19 years old.I have been doing this on and off for all these years. I have never been consistent. I mostly write journal when I want to Express my personal feelings but I don't want any one to judge me. The only way I can Express things is through journaling. Once I write it in the journal I feel relieved. Journaling has been my best friend in my hard times and good times

Ava I.
I have been journaling for three years now. I journal before I go to sleep every night. I write about things that happened to me during the day, both good and bad, and I write about anything that may be causing me a lot of stress. Journaling is my time to reflect on my day and to let go of troubling thoughts. Putting everything down on paper gives me a chance to clearly process everything and clear my head before sleeping.