Sometimes I don’t find thoughts to write in the journal as I feel like I’m repeating every days events, what should I do?

Antoine E.
I have the same problem. I suppose we should keep writing them to best document what daily habits/rituals are most common and what time they occur each day. For instance, I smoke every morning and watch YouTube videos. Seeing that in my journal every day shows me that I need to find a different habit for that time of day to replace my undesired one (smoking.) My advice is don't worry that you aren't writing new things, keep writing the same thing, and begin to notice the patterns of the addiction. Best wishes to you!

Charlotte E.
Right even the smallest little things that you are grateful for. Start your sentence with I have the chance to I was able to I was happy to I met the challenge of so you come up with simple little things like I was happy to drink a coffee I’m at the challenge of getting to work on time I was able to listen to my favourite song simple little things that actually make a world of difference every day in a life without realising.

Cindy O.
This happens to me too! The first step I congratulate myself on secretly is just recognizing that it's happening. Since I've already taken the step to journal I allow myself a few more seconds to ask myself, what would be the most helpful thing right this moment that I need. Is it me gratitude? Do I need motivation to accomplish something on my mind? Do I need to affirm myself if I feel a sense of lack or unworthiness? Just asking myself what I need helps me feel in my gut what the next thought I should jot down should be. I don't always write something profound but I've been getting better at figuring it out and tuning into my power the more I practice! Maybe this practice could work for you too!

Jan R.
You can use your journal to write blessings too. You can write 4 or 5 things that happened during the day you feel really grateful for. You can write goals, achievements, dreams, things you want to change. Your journal is one of your most precious tools and it will help you immensely

Lauren T.
Continue! I feel the same, but some day I might look back and want to see what I was doing day to day, as my life might be completely different then.

Nelson N.
I don’t feel the need to journal everything. Some days I want to, other days not. Normally I just write down highlights or the little things that made my day better. I also write to work through problems or emotions I’m having. Most days my journaling is just affirmations though. They make a big difference!

Annette N.
Don’t get upset! There’s nothing bad in repeating (good) patern. Especially now, when we stay at home. You can change the order of events, or try to implement new one.
Remember – the perfect moment is now!

Angelina F.
I’ve been reading a book along with completing my journey so when running out of things to write about I will write about what I read today. Then I like to write what I’m great full for and what is making me happy and positive.