Is journalling with ipad is also good? If yes what apps do you guys use or maybe share link for the template and stickers collection hehe

Mason E.
I am new here and I am using my phone since it is the fastest and easiest way for me to journal. If I did take the time on an iPad, I probably would take more time to write in my journal. Adding emojis seems like you are customizing your thoughts and seems more like an enjoyment then a chore 😊

Silo Q.
I think that sounds great! I don’t know any other apps one can journal on! That’s not saying there’s not! The idea of stickers sounds fun! Maybe there is some way u could be creative with stickers on ur phone! I say way to go my friend; u have some amazing ideas! I am another traveler, journeying in my life / having insights / ideas from Fabulous / other people to learn/understand, growing more in things around me! I am doing my journaling on paper, right now! I have notice my notes were messed up! I needed to hear again / write more notes so words would be understandable, very clear / handy! In my growing understanding I keep stepping / listening to My thoughts / ideas for going forward! It has helped me tremendously to have my study notes /my journaling notes handy, ready to see/use!🎉

Nicky O.
Prefer pen and paper. That way there is never an excuse not to write and the physical act can reveal a great deal about the emotions behind the words

Kacey N.
I use a paper journal. But you need to use what’s best for you. This app suggests starting new journals frequently. I don’t like that, because I think it’s important to go back.
For regular check ins I like Woebot. Which also offers some therapy work.

Carla P.
There are things to be grateful every single day. Start by thanking for being alive.

I like to sit with my legs straight and pull on my toes.

I tend to clean the kitchen and bedroom a lot more often than other parts of the house.

I personally love a good old paper journal, but I remember trying the free version of Elephant 🐘 and it was quite good.