How to make my journal eye-pleasant looking/organize?

Howard N.
Try to use colors on the page! Any word you like you can circle them with a bright orange or a cool blue, it will look just that much interesting; journaling should be a way of self expression and it have no rules! Make the commitment to open your mind to it, use capital letters for a full page and double line the tittles, have fun, it’s just for you.
A good exercise it’s just to write freely, don’t pay attention to the orthography or the symbols so much, just put your brain and feelings into those pages and don’t stop until you really have nothing else to write; then don’t read it! Do this exercise for a couple of days and then go back and read what you wrote: you will find out some great surprises about yourself, since it’s your subconscious the one who takes the lead when we don’t plan.
A second idea I love it’s writing as if you where telling yourself a story, either to cheer you up or to give you strength, be kind and understanding (you know how we talk to our friend when they need advise? Just like that!) put your name and a cute encouraging ending. This will make it fun and educational.
I send you a big hug in your journey, and I hope I was of service. You have a great day ahead of you, and it’s always brighter when you empty your brain out in some pages.
Sending love your way!
Laura B.
it all starts with a journal you love. pick out about favorite one and don’t worry about how much it costs. think leather moleskin with dots / no lines (unless you like lines) vs a 99 cent mead spiral notepad or you used for school. i prefer no lines or the dotted pages. and something thin, also about 7×5. i think being picky with journal choice automatically makes you want to be intentional how you write / organize in it. that said, i’ve found that i can get stuck focusing too much on being organized and neat instead of just getting my thoughts down. don’t forget that’s the most important part!!
Lorena B.
There are many ways, you can either select a theme color and use different color pens, or use washitaps or stickers, etc… if you like drawing you could make some doodles or maybe just highlight the titles or subtitles with different colors (but be careful, that’s why you should pick a color them bc when it’s too colorful most of the times it ends up looking like too much).
Now, if you still don’t know where to draw or which colors to use, look for inspo or ideas on pinterest or maybe just google or yt. And don’t feel bad if you just want to copy what you find. It’s your journal and you can do whatever you want with it.
Catherine F.
However you would like to start it. It doesn’t matter how you start it. As long as you are writing things down in it, then it doesn’t matter. You do you.
Casey U.
Try a dotted style journal! Instead of lines it has a grid of dots which makes it easy to draw frames, titles, and other neatly lined-up accents. You can also use colored pencils or pens!
Faith N.
when i journal, i like to just write out one constant stream of consciousness- whatever comes to mind- whether it’s a paragraph or a drawing or a diagram. it doesn’t matter if my handwriting looks bad or good, organized or not. i just do whatever feels right in the moment. and i keep doing this every time i journal, and eventually i start filling up pages. and i like skimming through and looking at all the pages i’ve filled. it’s satisfying seeing how much you’ve written. it’s like your own personal novel.
Jessica O.
I really just write the thoughts that come to mind as if I were having a conversation or telling someone. I find that it makes it better to look back on in the future.
Edith T.
be minimalistic… we see so many elaborate journals and we all want that but it’s important to start with what makes you happy… and you don’t need a bunch of distracting things that will stress you out 🙂 start small, and work your way up… don’t start big and let your experience ruin journaling for you 🙂 and remember, life isn’t perfect ♡︎
Michelle O.
My sister got me a fabulous home made book that was made out of my favourite childhood story, sleeping beauty. The cover of the journal is the actual cover of the book. And in between some of the blank pages are actual pages from the book. it makes my journal feel almost magical.
Adding fun pictures cut out from magazines and pasting them to your journal entry also helps, especially when your writing about your dreams you are trying to achieve.
Wonu B.
I use stickers. I use stickers from goldmine and coco. I think you can check their instgram page for options. You may also get their sticker book.