What do you record in your journal? Daily events? Thoughts? Guided writing prompts?

Estefania Z.
I write down everything that affects me in one day. Was someone rude to me, how did I feel and how did I react, for example. If this was the case I would analyze if I chose wisely in my actions. I an thriving to become more humane everyday but at the same time strong and powerful. For me it is finding a balance within these qualities. I wouldn't react badly but instead try to understand that person and give them the necessary comment to make them realize they have not made any difference in my life, they only made a negative impact on their own. This way you teach people to be kinder while not showing weakness.
I use my journal for reflection.
Hope this makes you think.
~ Have some Humanity
Suri N.
I write 3 things I am grateful for, an affirmation, 3 goals for that day. What was great about that day and then what I could have improved. Order it on amazon the 5 minute journal
Christian E.
Important events, funny stories, thoughts, quotes/lyrics/poems or other stuff that I want to keep in mind… Things that I saw ant that inspire me. I also draw a lot in my journal.
Shaunette O.
All of the above.
I write about any noteworthy events. Or any experiences I've had and how I felt about them. Any significant emotional responses.
I've also been using daily prompts from an online guide.
Asta N.
I record my feelings, thoughts, daily events, everything. I just ramble. It is MY journal after all. Sometimes I put in affirmations to help me, but I just put whatever comes to mind in there it is a journal after all and no one can tell me what to do or write. Unless it’s a prompt saying –