Is it better to have a physical journal or keep a digital one?

Leon L.
Personally, I opt for a physical one cuz I often write journals a short period before bedtime and typing journals on my phone attenuates my sleepiness. Moreover, journals by typing makes me feel awkward and less satisfied than a real physical journal since they make me feel uncertain and are less pliable.
For physical journals, I suggest using year journals you can buy from department stores, they save space. Whenever you start a new month, write a brief review on your goals and feelings.
Thanks for reading and hope you find this informative :)
~a user from Hong Kong
Bradley F.
I like both. A digital journal is always available and I can easily put pictures in it. But I also like to write with a fountain pen.
Mary U.
I think it depends on what you will actually do and what sensations you like. For instance, I like keeping a physical planner, but for my journal I use an app because I’m more likely to do it almost every day.