What are your favorite journaling prompts?

Pr Spero G.
I like reflective questions so I use a Stoic journal (question each day of the year, with contemplation morning and evening) and also an app that can generate questions. I like questions like:
What parts of my life are driven by anger?
What is my purpose in life?
What am I grateful for?
Christy P.
Hi there. I usually don’t need a writing prompt as I write all the time almost everyday! Hahahah. Seems I always have something on my mind.

When I work with clients in my creativity coaching sessions, I suggest a couple of things to start with.

“For right now I…” then finish the statement. Then keep going until you have no more statements.

“What I know I don’t want is…”

“What I want you to know is …”

“One thing in my life that’s going well is…and I wouldn't change it because…”

Hope this helps.