Is there things i should get in a habit of writing ?

Bhawna F.
No I personally don't think that anyone need something just to make writing a habbit. Because writing is something which you can do by yourself I mean try to stick with it. I frankly speaking I starting writing from 1 January 2021. I don't have much experience in from my journey of 3-4days I just learn that ,you simply need a small motivation which can help you to stick with that routine. so my motivation is like" if I want to be productive I have to write atleast 3pages a day which help in my journey to become successful and happy. Every millionaire or billionaire or even successful people write atleast 3 pages a day then why can't I? So in order to inculcate consistency I have to stick with some habbits like writing atleast 3 pages or write 5gratitute in the morning ❤️"
Lavender G.
Yes because then you can look back at your journey and see how your metal health is going and it help,you get to know you and how your feeling work so that the reason I do
Kaitlin Q.
I usually start w. a recap of my day. I will start adding my gratitude list (i currently keep it in my passion planner) I then either reflect on the quote Fabulous gives us or I answer a writing prompt, there are tons online & you can even find some geared towards what you would like to improve upon (self care, mental health, your dreams, etc.)
Isaac F.
Gratitude for happy moments! This will change your life!!! Things you notice, what makes you you, what you love about life, what makes you thrive and feel joyful, family history stories, favorite things, journaling prompts from highlights of life big and small, what you’ve overcome, self accomplishments, self accountability and goal achievements big and small! It’s fun to look back on! Also processing emotions in writing is amazingly healing! You may publish a book from your life stories and writing! You got this! Cherish time with YOU!
Terry S.
Definitely yes, if you want to write you have to be consistent so you do not end up giving up on it.
I suggest you set alarms or goals etc at a planned time everyday if possible to write, doing this will allow you to be more productive and all.
Writing is a form of art that needs time and I’m sure you can be capable of writing something beautiful! Best of luck <3
Jap W.
Just prepare your notebook and pen near you. In my experience, I much like to write in my journal before I go to bed— this is where I tell the good things, bad things, negative and positive thoughts I have and my goals. Just write anything. it's okay if it's just "Hey, today is a bit [mood]" since that's where we will start. 🙂 Good luck!
Nancy Q.
I use a workbook called Gathering Momentum which has the same worksheet page (100 of them). The worksheets ask introspective questions as well as introspective lists (i.e. 10 things I’m grateful for; Advice from my higher self…, etc.) and I find them really helpful.
Ellie W.
There are no rules exactly. You can and should just write anything that comes to your mind and try to flow from there. If you need some pointers to help you start, begin by giving some details of your day and how you’re feeling at the end (or start) of it.
Caitlin U.
Well I like to right about what happened that day and my emotions and progress with a habit I’m doing in that moment and I can reflect over it in the future to see how I felt with the emotions or how far I’ve came from when I started writing in my journal
Erundina E.
i dont know what to type, all i know is, please help me to stay focus at my goals and be firm no matter what kind of hardship im going through… tq 💛🤘🏻
Becky N.
Your feelings throughout the day. Things you accomplished, no matter how small. Moments you were grateful for or that filled you with love
Kayt J.
I have a journal page filled out in the Day One journaling app with questions, quotes and mantras to spark my feelings and thoughts in the morning.

My morning journal includes the following:
Thoughts and feelings
Clarity questions (how do I want to be today)
Focus and energy

It sets me up for a more intentional and productive day.