How do you start a beginner Journal?

Gene Z.
At first, I started brainstorming the things I have to do the next day. Then, I gradually added my impression and thougts about how I felt.
William G.
Write you're honest thoughts, considers you already know what you would write, you just have a different view on it once it is in the journal.
Luca I.
I started off with one or two pieces of loose paper so there no pressure to get it right and just keep adding to it throughout the day
Tyrone O.
To start a beginner journal you need the right motivation to right down your thoughts, events and feeling. The right motivation comes from within It is the desire and need to explore, a make better you. Without fear, just an honest heart to take off the layers that cover the through self.
Conny J.
I use an app called day one. Works for Mac laptops and iPhone well… I started with just 5 minutes every morning and 20 minutes on the weekend. Sometimes I end up just writing out the lyrica of a song I like to get going. I never pass any judgment on it if it’s “dumb” or my entry isn’t very enlightening, and two months later I’m actually surprised at the amount of insightful observations and ideas that come out.
M Lissa Z.
I ordered A pretty notebook off amazon that really spoke to me. For me that was a floral one with the Jeremiah 29:11 verse on it as it was the hope that got me through my daughter’s cancer battle each day. I started Out just writing like prayers, thoughts, prayer request, daily things I was grateful for while being very specific. So for me each day is different. Sometimes it’s my vent session, others it’s my prayer time i always Feel soooo much better once I’ve journaled though. At first it seemed weird but now it flows freely and sometimes i have To just make myself stop writing.
William E.
With a template with questions, mine are: how was your day, what are you wins, what are your losses and how can I make tomorrow a better day?
Tammy E.
Start a journal by buying one that you like and that sparks joy for you. Then begin writing- start a couple times a week, then once you get comfortable with it, pick a time of the day that you would like to set aside about 10 minutes for to write if it’s in the morning, you can feel right about your schedule for the day and your night sleep, and if it’s at night then you can reflect on your day and what went well or didn’t. Try to always include the date. If you would like to include art then you can incorporate that however you’d like as well. But I would start by picking up a journal and just writing.
Alyssa C.
I first start with gratitude. I list three things I was grateful for that day. This is what usually starts May for a journaling because it helps me focus on the positive side of life and see what was there as far as abundance. Go ahead and mention the scarcity that’s in the life but trying to feel how to move from scarcity to abundance and stop doing; try being. The other thing that helped was using the prompts that were at the beginning of writing in the journal with this program. Through the past present future exercise and that will help you at least get a start in your journaling.
Storm Y.
That’s a good question. I’d made many false starts in my past lifetime but in 2008 at a private birthday celebration with my immediate family on my birthday I got a small hardback cute little deco design journal which I immediately set out to recording the day’s events. And that’s how and when I started journaling. You have to have something that really inspires you to actually sit down and start journaling and for me that private birthday party with my mother and sister where I was presented with that beautiful little journaling book was just the ticket to my recording. Of course it will take some settling into doing it consistently and I’ve gone several months at a time not recording in my journals but I always bring the recordings up to date in the most interesting and accurate way possible so as to keep the storyline moving and to bring the journaling task back into the picture. It kinda grows on you and it’s interesting to read about what’s taken place not just for the fun of it but just for the record as well in case it’s needed.
Neiva B.
Buy a notebook that sparks joy for you ☺️ and think why you want to write it, your purpose and expectation of your writing. Mine is for emotional ventilation (I did the same when I was teen) and for self reflection on those emotions, to think of them from distance, emotions are on paper, and I'm here so let think about real reason I feel this way. Well, I supose that Journaling can have different meaning for everybody, which I find great. So, let you inner child play. Believe or not my inner child adores self reflection, since I really like playing with new concepts and analyzing. ☺️ Best wishes 💫
Am Lie N.
Write about what happened today. Write about your dog, your family, the news, your love life, anything. Just write about something so that you get comfortable writing and maybe find a style you like writing in. Then you can comfortably journal.
Ma Wenn Q.
It depends on the mood you are in. Sometimes you just write it like you are writing to a friend about what happened in your day. Other times if it is for business you just write it in the format of the table task date completed et cetera there are so many ways find the format that suits your personality and just do it.
Munir P.
I started just doing the exercises in fabulous and reflecting on positive things that had happened no matter how insignificant they might seem.
Goran F.
I currently journal, I strive to journal everyday. I want to be better for myself and for my son and for my boyfriend. I have topics that I already talk about in my journal, but I'm always looking for new things to talk about
Nikolaj Z.
Just write with no expectations of what those words will be – or to be ok if what you’re looking to do – say jot down feelings – turns out to be ‘nothing’ or something else you’d built up in your mind as the ‘acceptable’ response
Aliciane E.
First of all, choose a theme, like a gratitude or growth journal. Then, start writing in it, everyday at the same time. I set my intentions in the morning and am grateful at night. Have fun!
Francis N.
If you can, I recommend getting "the five minute journal." It's about 25 dollars on Amazon. It has spaces everyday for you to list out what your grateful for and how you can make your day great. It also has a section for you to fill out at night asking what awesome things happened during you day. It's super simple, and makes starting to journal very easy while letting you get all the positive benefits in just five minutes.
Joyce R.
I used to do that since I was in college, maybe since 2012. But somehow I quit, but it's not a new thing for me so it's easy. i just write everything that I want to get done but still be realistic, I don't want to write that I need to finish 5 books today, I just focus on reading 5 chapters for example. And also the things I feel grateful for.
David W.
Well I guess you start by just trying to vent your thoughts out on paper and Writting anything that comes to your mind when you write. Don't set restrictions on yourself such as "I have to write a page". Instead steadily write in it as if your telling a person about how you feel and don't pressure yourself to write. When I started journalling, I only did it when I was very stressful, but I found that journalling every day helped me to kind of let go of any grudges and refresh my mind.
Jacob Z.
I just start writing what’s on my mind at that moment. The rest comes naturally.

Whatever subject I start writing about evolves as I keep writing and suddenly the journal begins to gain form.

Jo N.
I am a writer by nature. Even I get stumped about what exactly I should even be writing. So to keep myself sharp I have a journal with writing prompts in it, and quotes from notable people. So no matter what I always come with great entries. Target stores and Amazon have every kind of journal you know
Sergei F.
You start wring, maybe just on a piece of paper. Then you get a journal and write in that! Writing things down makes you remember them because it's one of the first things we learn to do as a way to remember.
Mathilde X.
You can start very simple at first. I prefer using technology, but for some people, pen and paper is more satisfying. Just record your mood, a quick summary of your day, a couple sentences, any ideas you want to get down.
Galiano P.
Don’t be afraid that you will sound silly or about grammar and spelling. It doesn’t have to be complex or illuminating, but recording your thoughts about the day, in whatever form, is so meaningful.
Martin J.
I started one just by sitting for a minute and thinking of all the things I wanted to say but didn’t know how to say them out loud. I also used a journal to get to really know myself better
Inesa Q.
Buy a journal, any kind will do. But make sure that you think it is beautiful. Use your favorite kind of pen, if you have one. Start with just a free flow of thoughts. Jot down anything on your mind. Maybe look into future-self journaling as well.
Neil P.
You just start writing or typing. Typing is easier because u can do it on ur phone. Writing is probably more effective way for connection – something about feeling the pencil in your hands and the paper.
Emo C.
I’m still working on it as well but I first write down the topics I want to explore and then write about them. I write down the date to keep track of it.
Gumersindo S.
I'd start with something simple like a simple diary like entry ever few days writing about your day and what's on your mind. You dont have to be consistent at first but remind yourself ever few days to take the time to sit down and write. (I know it sounds cheesy but it can be nice) I, personally have a bullet journal where I track my moods and write down plans for the next few days so if your not a diary entry type person maybe try looking up bullet journal ideas. 👍
Jackson E.
I’ve been journaling all of my life…I write down thoughts about my day including a few things I’ve learned, events going on in my life, how I’m feeling, and how I wanna feel. My journal is mostly me writing about where I am now and where I wanna be in the future. Also, it includes what I’m thankful for right now. To start as a beginner, I would just start by writing about how you feel and go from there.
Gilda F.
I would start it as if someone has asked you ‘how are you?’ or ‘what’s happening in your life?’. One thing that I love about journaling is that it’s just for me. I can write the real truth. Like the other day, when I was alone I was feeling frustrated and I pushed some papers off my desk. To the world, that looks like an out of control move, not great, unnecessary. But in my journal, I secretly loved it. I know it doesn’t happen ever with me, I liked that I’d had a little moment of rebellion and secretly laughed at myself and high fived myself as well. Those things are just for me. It’s like a little treat, also it’s a good way to order your thoughts. I say things like ‘right then, you’ve been feeling worried because you’re a bit behind on this project. Let’s get this sorted. Today, we’re going to complete these small steps and feel better. Let’s do this, yay!! 🥰🥳’. Anyway, I hope some of that was helpful. Good luck and enjoy hearing your own lovely voice.
Dylan T.
Just simple let begin to write down what you feel, what you think at the moment….and then what you would like to achieve.
Silje F.
I just grabbed a black notebook (5×7”) or something like that. Then I started writing down what my day was, how I felt, and any random thoughts I had. I always write to music and try to listen to songs related to my mood that day. Sometimes I’ll play off of the lyrics if I don’t know what to write. Hope this helps!
Amalie W.
psych your self up by buying a really cute one and finding stationary that makes u excited
then watch loads of videos on journaling and save images that inspire u. finally just start. try setting an alarm on your phone reminding u to do it everyday. try putting some chill music on and lighting some candles! make it fun and treat it as a form of self care💛
Ngelo S.
I typically start by writing what I did that day. Usually what happens then is I remember the thoughts I had and start writing those down. It’s super helpful to me to have to write down those contemplations, and I usually come up with a conclusion that I would normally not have come to because of the various duties of the day that come up
Betina Q.
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Jeanne Z.
By trying not to think abt what u write witch sometimes it can be hard u can start of writing abt how its hard and then go from there think of 1 subject the 1 thing that pops in2 ur head and go from there there is no right way or wrong way2 do this so it doesn’t matter what or how u write. The only that matters is that u r giving it a shot and it helps clear your mind
Soham S.
I love writing with pen and paper when I have time, but with a busy schedule you can’t fit it all in. Therefore I write or even speak into my Pages app on my cell and type or say exactly what is on my mind at that moment.
Fernando F.
My first journal was a school composition notebook and my favorite pen. I picked them up when doing my grocery shopping. I had some things to say that I didn’t feel like I could say to others and I needed to get it off my chest. Then I realized I could do this for anything. That was 20+ years ago. Definitely do it! It’s self-relevatory
Alison E.
Choose a few topics that you report on each day, for instance your mood, what went well today, a new fact you learned today, food that you most enjoyed, a helpful thing you did, etc.
Caitlin E.
Not sure how. But I happen to receive a journal from my brother at the start of the year. You know the ones from coffee shops that you get for free by collecting stickers. Then I had it use once but the second time was yesterday.
Ivan G.
I highly recommend getting a pen and paper, instead of a digital journal. Date at the top and make a title to keep things interesting and write about what you’ve done in the day, or what you’re thinking about.. whatever you want basically, just write.
Sula O.
Just get any notebook, a pen or pencil, write. Just write, learn to describe a feeling in any detail. Writing for me is my escape from reality. I sit down and I'll write a thousand metaphors or as real as I can imagine. And you get stared by just writing.
Lester S.
For me, i just started writing! I know that seems pat however the normal questions i would have, or thoughts about anything like I do on a normal day just start writing it down. After a while it will get easier and it becomes very therapeutic!
Virgil W.
Imperfectly. I’ve started many journals over many years, one for 11 years (every day) called “morning pages”. I’ve started different kinds. Now I’m taking suggestions from my ‘Fabulous’ app , starting again, and getting hints that I may not be doing the journal quite the way it is intended. Except this time it’s no big deal . I just keep on keeping on; maybe things will get clearer as I go.
Bernice S.
I would honestly try not to overthink it too much, unless you do better with structure. I just have a journal that I like the look and feel of, pens that I enjoy writing with, and I remind myself that something is better than nothing. It's something that's just for you, so brain dump if you need to. Do bullets if you want to. Just get stuff out of your head and onto paper.
Wayne P.
Start by buying a nice journal, one that you’ll enjoy looking at. Start writing a page a day and let all your thoughts out on paper. Reflect on your day, what happened, what went well, what didn’t go well, and what you’ll do differently. Make it a habit to write once a day and soon you’ll notice yourself writing about some pretty important stuff.
Th O O.
I began by simply listing the things I did and items I ate over the course of a day. I then was able to work up to writing about how I feel over the course of the day as well. Eventually, I was also able to write about future aspirations and past trauma. Now, especially with the help of this app, I’m writing journal entries with a specific topic in mind. I like to write about what I’m grateful for, what I plan for the future, what mistakes I’ve made and how I learned from them. I try to write at least twice a day for 10 to 30 minutes each time. It helps me plan my day in the morning and reflect on things before bed.
Liam N.
Keep it next to your bed and put a timer in your clock on your phone to remind you at the best time for you to make that journal

Mine is when I get into bed

Ortrud S.
I think it’s good to start with buying a nice notebook that you like! I’m buying a perfect one for me, too( I prefer portable one so I can take it to anywhere I go.)
Helen E.
I struggle with what to write. Just for now, I reflect on yesterday, and write what I’m appreciative about or looking forward to today.
Marcus N.
Follow the clues in your Fabulous app. You might be right on track if your journaling doesn’t make much interesting sense to anyone but you.
Sara G.
Write randomly. Somethings you never thought would come up with show itself. And it can show your personality traits and how they change over time.
Olivia Z.
Buy a journal you like, and keep it close to you along with a writing utensil when you wake up. Then proceed to write whatever you want in it or a follow a Fabulous prompt to complete your daily habit.
Cornelius U.
Get a journal you like and just start writing. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get out on the page who you are and what you want to achieve!
Anton Z.
Find a journal that speaks to you, one that you will be proud and excited to write in every day. Put it in a place that you will be able to see it and be inclined to pick it up whether it be to document or reflect. Do this along with a pen beside it or markers or gel pens. Date and time stamp your entries. Make a daily effort to write in it.
Adam P.
I started journaling years ago – in a precious book my dad gave me. It wasn’t often – just big events. The book is very special to me.

Lately, I find I write more when I buy small notebooks that are an easy and lightweight fit in my bag. I think I have three in there right now – each focusing on a different subject I’m trying to meditate on/tackle/think about. I love it. They’re with me when random thoughts arise or I have unexpected down time in my day.

Alicia E.
Buy a nice format you like and pens you like to write with. I stick with Canson paper and coloured ballpoints. Then… just write whatever and whenever you want. As short or long as necessary, in writing or by drawing. Let’s face it, we’re not writing a book or anything so everything is just fine as long as it’s you. Good luck on your journey.
Anna P.
I would advise that you follow the instructions from Fabulous. Buy a meaningful journal and start by writing little things like Fabulous has you do. Soon you will be inspired to write more on your own!
Tracey O.
Get s very slim notebook that’s not too fancy and just write half a page or nay up to one page. Then call it done for the day and do it again tomorrow.
Arlene F.
I just started writing. I didn’t choose a topic or anything. I wrote what I thought. I always use a lot of positive reinforcement so when I look back I will always feel like I‘ve accomplished something. If you’re just a person who needs a prompt. Google has great ones. Good luck on your journey you’re doing great.
Julia W.
I started write the most important thing I want to remember about my previous day. I open a document in Google Drive, put the day, write on many sentences as the fact came to my mind and the last I put the most important quote I said in the day.
Hadrien O.
Just choose a special notebook. If you dont have any go to a bookstore and spend some time to choose one. It must be special for you.
Alberte P.
I like to use an app called Reflectly! It asks the questions that I think are actually important, it’s quick to do, and it’s with me all the time.
Mathys Z.
To start journaling, I downloaded a Mac App called Flowstate and started writing in this app whenever I journal. It lets you set a timer for yourself (5 minutes or more) and you have to keep typing the entire time – otherwise it will erase all of your text. It’s a simple trick to make you write for the entire duration without stopping to edit.
Sharlene Y.
I started with writing down three things that I was grateful for at the end of every day. Then that evolved into me writing down why I was grateful for those things. As you write more, you’ll begin writing down more than just the things you’re grateful for. It’ll become a habit!
Laurine C.
You get an empty notebook or get a nice journal Andy keep it with you always. After that you just simply right when ever you feel the need to or have something on your mind. There are even easy set up a to follow, my favorites is the bullet journal method. It’s easy to follow and customizable to me. If you don’t have anything to right then draw the picture you have in your mind. Like the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
George O.
If you're not sure what to write about, Google some prompts. I very much recommend the prompts at the chapter ends of Becoming a Technical Leader by Gerald Weinberg. Even if you aren't in a technical field or think that leadership isn't for you, the questions at the end of the chapters are very thought provoking.
Expedito S.
Make it a ritual. Go to a stationery store and pick out a journal that speaks to you on a personal level. Choose a special pen dedicated to your new journal. When you get home, place the journal on your nightstand or somewhere near your glass of morning water. Know that your journal is always there for you… it’s silly, but I think of my journal as a place to store little pieces of “me” that I’d like to remember. Make a pact with your journal… it may be your confessor, but it is also there to keep you in the positive space where you will thrive. Journaling is remarkable. Stationery is fun. You’re amazing. Write it all. Pen to paper is a great ritual to introduce to the new and improved positive present you.
Jonas F.
It depends on the type of journal you want. Travel, learning, dream or reflective? Three things make for a great journal; first write often, second write to your future self with all details explaining what’s going on and lastly go back and review once in a while and reflect on it.
Leila G.
When I lose track of keeping up with my journal, I get myself back into the swing by making small notes about the day in my daily planner— right next to my “to-do” list for the day I’ll write a quick jot of where I went or what I ate. Something very simple and quick to do and once that becomes habit again I usually don’t even realize that I’ve naturally started recording more and more from my day. Like everything, Don’t overwhelm yourself with details. Keep it simple! Best of luck!!