What types of negative thoughts are you working on reframing?

Cassandre E.
The thoughts of unworthiness in terms of work and pay grade. I’m trying to reframe that if I use my knowledge and always do the best for my clients, then I deserve to value myself more than I thought.
Wayne T.
That I will not have a companion or get married that I'll be alone with no one to sit across the table with or eat dinner with talk with grow old with.
Eloane P.
I’m working on reframing my negative thoughts like…you can’t do this or that to you can do anything and everything that you choose to do. Some things might take you a little longer and some things might be a little harder but if I put my mind to to and concentrate on it I know that I can change my negative thoughts into positive actions
Renata X.
I’m working on having a more secure attachment style by going from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset (there are plenty of people out there who will find me charming and lovable!). This applies to work as well—there are plenty of people who see the value in my work and will pay me in full for it and will stick around.