What to write about and how long

Suffer N.
I use my journal for prayer and meditation. Things I include are gratitude, prayers for the people I care about, reflection on the things I need to change about myself, working out my emotional baggage to try to find new perspectives on the past hurts that I've been dragging around. Finding the motivation to START a new life of doing all the things you've always wished you would, and STOP doing all the things you wish you wouldn't, requires a total paradigm change. It takes time and often a series of emotional baby steps to gain the clarity needed to see things in a new light. Journaling is like therapy without the costly fees and the need to open up to a stranger.
Pamela F.
I usually write about myself, after all it is my story. 10 minutes is my time limit. I have gone 20 minutes but that was to long.
……I usually start it Once upon a time