What should I mostly write in my journal?

Barbara J.
When I first began writing in my journal, I chose to use the writing prompts that the app provided. It was easier just to answer the questions. I still use the writing prompts but only to get me started writing. Once I start, I mat write about anything that is on my mind, thoughts, feelings, songs, poetry, words that inspire.
Grace N.
I think you should write what your feeling in the moment your not to be happy all the you also won’t be sad all the time. It’s bad to keep emotions suppressed.
Anka O.
Reflect on your day and your feelings. Write down experiences that are creating a storyline in your head and slowly let them go. Do a gratitude exercise to all lovely creatures and circumstances that surround you. Think of people and different beings that you love. Write them a poem or few encouraging sentences. They will feel it in their hearts.
Niomi U.
I’m writing about the home in my mind, the building I’ve constructed entirely to my design. In this building I’ve constructed I explain how each room, each cupboard and shelf are filled to the brim of what I am. Like me the house is a living thing so I can always add onto it as I grow.

On days where my brain feels busy I like to free write for five minutes. Anything any everything that comes to mind. All of these writings are in one journal, each color coated page is a different style of writing. So far I just have the two types but I will eventually start writing short children’s stories again when the inspiration hits me.

Meg F.
I write down all of the thoughts I want out of my mind and just write about anything that will calm me before I go to sleep. Sometimes investing in a guided journal doesn’t hurt. I recommend Overcoming: A Soul Healing Journal by Joyce Meyer.
Sergio I.
I generaly write the first thing that comes to my head before i go bed. Sometimes its the failures i went through, other times what i am thankful for. Whatever you write positive or negative has an impact on you in a way of relief.. and when you later reflect on it realise how great you are and how you self improved
Anne Q.
I think your journal is as unique as you are, but this is what I do.
I like to write in the morning my intention for the day and at night a reflection of the day. I try to keep my journal positive, to find something positive even if the day was not what I thought it would be.
I also have found a comfortable, private spot is best for me. Just to give an air of meditation to my writing.
If I'm having a hard time thinking of something to write, I sit still and scan my senses and write what I hear, see, feel…
I hope this helps. There are also some very nice guided journals.
Felix Z.
I only ever respond to the quotes that are given to me. Otherwise anything you thought was important or you enjoyed for your day. Or anything that sticks out or made you feel whether good or bad during the day.
April X.
You can pretty much write anything in your journal a lot of people use it to write their thoughts, fears, dreams, what their day was like.
Iole S.
I use to write my experiences, my mistakes, the main lesson of the day, my emotions, my negative thoughts and then I try analyzing all without judging it, with compassion for myself.
Rosie E.
The most impactful positive and negative events of the day and how they made you feel. Plus 3 things that you’re grateful for
Carrie Y.
I journal differently depending on need and season. I do a daily journal for gratitude and goals. This is part of my morning practice. In a free form journal I will do morning pages of just free flow writing. Sometimes I get inspired or upset. Writing about that works for me. Really it is so open as to how you want to structure your practice. Go for it!
Kelly O.
I decided when I first started journaling that I wouldn’t write about other people, I wouldn’t write anything critical or judgmental, and I would journal to self-reflect, be creative, and to stay focused on what I want to accomplish. Staying focused is everything from writing down a to-do list to writing down my dreams and everything in between. This helps me stay productive, but in a more fun way because I’m including my thoughts, feelings, and creativity along with that focus. And I write down how good I feel afterward. Journaling helps me be my best me.
Petunia G.
What you are grateful for, what you love about yourself, ways to evolve yourself and everything and anything positive about your life… that way when you feel sad and read your journal youll remember your self worth and value
Dorian F.
Write down whatever comes to mind. Use it as a brain dump; whatever you’re thinking about. Maybe whatever you’re feeling. Maybe something you did or someone did for you.
Sky A.
I use my journal for anything that’s on my mind. I’ll write a list, I’ll write down my feelings, my thoughts, notes, the definition of a word I just learned, lyrics I need to learn, a storyline or ideas I have for art projects.
I even doodle, design clothes or draw something sitting in front of me. I don’t limit or edit what comes out between my head and the pen on the page because I might miss some thing that was important . I always put a date on everything so that I remember when the particular entry was made. When I go back to read what I’ve written, weeks or years later, the variety of entries makes the understanding of what my life was like at that particular time much clearer.
Asusena T.
About the things that you wanna grow upon and or improve having those key elements you’d like to improve on. As well as things that make you happy and inspire you, you may also just want to summarize your day so you can look back and look at your memories. Something that is really great to journal about is your feelings and just poor them out it a really good way to untwine.