What time do you journal, and why?

Celestine B.
I make notes on my mediation from Headspace and whenever I having something annoying or joyful to journal
This so I can reflect on memories when I'm older

Mat O T.
Either in the morning or evenings. I make sure to fill three pages, usually a mix of stream of consciousness, dump & purge, express my concerns and fears or map out my desires or visions.
Elenice P.
I journal before bed so that I can dump whatever is in my head out. I'm not the best at journaling so I've simplified my journaling to one line a day.
Ald Nio Q.
Whenever Fabulous tells me. It depends on the journey – some suggest morning journaling, some suggest doing it in the evening.
Oleg Rio Q.
I write at the end of my day, to say how I’m feeling, what’s happened in my day and all the thoughts I have. They help me get through bad habits ect