What do you write about in your journal? About which subjects and if it is just once a time and what time? Morning, noon or night?

Maddi U.
Afternoon is when I write. I look to get something out of my day to write about. If I’m living then I’m learning and so I write about that. Think of it as that reflection time everyone tells you you’re supposed to be getting. If you’re writing about your day and something you learned about yourself or something you were just feeling in that day or something you did that day. Don’t think of it as a homework assignment lol. Just something to say you lived that day. I think about it like what am I going to go look back at when the year has passed and I’m not the same person. But also don’t put so much pressure on it. Don’t subject base it. Just write about how your day went or how you’re feeling at the moment about something that may have happened previously or even something you’re thinking about currently. I hope this helped 🙂