What should we write about??

Lily F.
I like to write about things that happened to me during the day, ideas or thoughts that came to me and even emotions that I felt. It helps me to understand things and put the events of the day in perspective so I can see them more clearly.
Jake G.
I think you will know what you should write about if you spend some time thinking about it. I write about my day and my feelings for the most part.
Christopher U.
You should write about why you have decided to change your life and what are you hopes for your future endeavors and what you can do to reach them starting today 😊
Sofi X.
Everything, anything, just to get you going. What was the top three things you liked about your day? What did you do well? What did you learn? Just fill in those qs with answers, everyday and soon you'll be writing freehand.
Bobbie E.
We should write about what went wrong today or not the way you thought it would. And how can we change our poor performance.. how can we better prepare ourselves for the next battle? What went well today and how can we better prepare for it again. There are no failures as long as you do it. And learn how to do it better every time.
Valdete C.
Your innermost thoughts. Writing them down will allow you to clearly see the fallacies that your brain will come up with to justify breaking good habits or restarting bad ones. It's hard to ignore the flaws in the arguments when they're in black and white.
Lynne W.
Anything that is in your head and bothering you. By writing things down it serves two purposes. Firstly to get it out of your head and secondly by writing things down they often don't seem as bad as you can see solutions more clearly
Maelya Y.
Write about why, why did you lose your temper today, like realy ask yourself why. Why did you choose them clothes? Why did you eat that food? Why did you choose to do that
Julie S.
Anything that is on your mind! I usually write about things that are troubling me at the moment. Doing so helps me understand why they are bothering me and what I might do to help myself get past them.
Delores T.
Write about something that inspires you and comes from the heart.

It is important to let anything that is bothering us aside so we can reflect on what’s being ask:

– things stopping us from the goal to achieve.
– what inspires you to complete certain goal.
-results of the goal achieve
– results of the goal not achieved.

This is the format that mostly use.

Jennifer Z.
You can write about the events of the day, decisions you need to make, people in your life, something that happened that day that made you happy, things that make you grateful, things that worry you. Random thoughts that go through your head as you write. Anything you want.
Irina S.
Someone once said it is good for creativity and healthy spirit to write about anything, even if it doesn't make sense. Writing gives me a chance to pour out anger, structure always wandering mind and reflect on experiences.
Maria Z.
That's a really good question…
Whatever pops to your mind.
In the evening I use to write a small journal (it has like 5 lines space) about what I did in that day.
When I see the "journal" task in the morning.. I also don't know what to write about.
This morning I wrote about my values, which I meditated just before.
But you can really write whatever pops into your mind.
Sometimes it is funny to just write whatever, like you start describing your bedside table and you might end up writing about your joys or sorrows or just invent a marvellous story about elves.
Just… Try something, I would advice 🙂
You might just end up writing "I don't know what to write about", or maybe not. Just start it.
Sarah Y.
Depends on what the objective is, for me I do a lot of LOA (law of attraction) journaling and I enjoy this because it forces you to think interpersonally, allowing for the positive to be more focused and permanent. Also it can be applied to any faith.
Rico N.
Whatever is on your mind or in your heart or spirit. If you know of nothing, use your non dominant hand and write whatever comes to your mind even if nonsensical. This will help awaken creative flow. Writing should be joyful or releasing, never a drudgery. If you are writing for the purpose of journaling, you may record yourself instead of writing isn’t your thing. Writing is a gift to be embraced. Be as simplistic or creative as feels good or healing to your soul. Enjoy the process.