Do you write in real life or do you type it in a note on your phone

Hailey J.
I write in a manifestation planner as well as a journal. The planner I write everything about my goals and aspirations. In the journal I reflect upon my day as a whole and write affirmations, as well.
Fye I.
I writer with pen and paper, I do this for journalling, todo-list, notes and studying. Everything else goes on my whiteboard
Clarissa J.
I am a professional writer so all my writing goes into a Google doc in Google drive. I also write on my phone in my journal app.
Lotte G.
I note on my phone. I used to use Google Keep to write in, but I now use the app Daily to keep track of my mood and actions. I press icons for my actions ns smilies for mood. All I have created myself, so the icons are related to me.
Danielle O.
Most of the time, I use pen and paper. I think it is more therapeutic to "feel" your thoughts leaving your mind. But if I don't have paper with me, or I want to share what I wrote with someone else, then I will type on my phone.
Kelly O.
I prefer to write in real life on real paper because i can really feel it and materialize my thoughts. It’s also a way to practice your handwriting haha