How do you know what to write in your journal? I know there’s different kinds of journals, but some days I don’t feel like writing, so I just write half a page and leave it. Do you have any specific questions you ask yourself before writing?

Sade F.
Most of my journaling stems from an emotion which triggered me to start writing. Just recently I told myself that I’m not going to focus on a certain thing to journal about, instead I’m going to pick up the pen and just begin to write. Even when you feel like you don’t have anything to say, write that down as well. You’ll be surprised at how the gears shift once you agree to just write and whatever comes out on paper is what’s meant to be on paper. Sometimes the journal entry isn’t about me in particular; it may be me speaking to the universe or that crowd of people who needs to hear certain things. Although it’s my journal, I sometimes write as if it’s my auditorium filled with people who are striving to become their Higher self ♥️💪🏾
Cherlyn Y.
I tend to write a quick short paragraph of what I did, and my overall mood for the day. If something or a particular emotion stood out, I’ll jot down what made me feel that way. a journal is your personal mental notes, it doesn’t have to be long or deep.
Margot M.
What did I do today? How do I feel right now? When I close my eyes, what first comes to mind? Explain any big events that are coming or happening. How do you feel about those events?