Can writing become hard for you?

Jennifer Y.
Some nights are harder than others. There are some nights when I can barely get through a paragraph and others where I just go on and on. It’s important to me that I just keep showing up though, because even if I don’t think I have something to say before I write, I usually end up surprising myself.

Hoda N.
Yes it was and it is. I tried to by a pocket notebook for myself, letting my notes to be available whenever i need them. And also this may help me to get used to the habit of writting.

Jen E.
Sometimes writing is harder than others. Sometimes I don’t have much to say, or I’m not inspired, and sometimes my thoughts just ramble on! I try and always write something, even if it’s just a sentence or two, and I think it does become easier

Julissa O.
At times I feel like I have a lot of things that I do wanna write but when it comes time to do it my mind goes completely blank and I forget what I want to write about

Kaitlin Q.
it does sometimes, but i tend to look up journal prompts geared towards what i’m working on when the prompt here isn’t sparking anything for me.

Valia N.
I love writing so I generally welcome the idea. However, writing always needs lot of concentration and energy, so sometimes when I am too depleted it is hard for me to get into the mode for writing. Also, if I am in a hurry to get something down. Writing takes time – you need to think about your idea and then put it into perfect words.

차서연 N.
yes, sometimes I feel like doing nothing and nothing comes to mind but don’t worry, you’ll get another idea after a nap or some sleep

Benjamin X.
Writing is like therapy for me. I get to write whatever I want but if i say something that maybe shouldn’t have been said, i can delete the words. the only difficult thing for me is that i sometimes run out of things to write about. i feel as though i could talk for hours but only write for a few minutes at a time.