What is the best format to write in your journal?

Deja R.
Handwriting my thoughts and ideas, is the best way for me but you know there’s that saying “Everyone in this world has their own unique style towards something”
Carla Y.
Go get a real notebook with lines in it. I am currently using a Happy Journal (Walmart hobby lobby carries them.)
It doesn’t matter if your hand writing is awful. Only you are going to see your journals unless you share them. I like writing things down, it is therapeutic and also in your own thoughts and words. Trust me on this one. The true writing experience will empower you like you are making a contract with yourself.
Roque Q.
I usually write as if I am talking to my best friend with constant reassurance especially in times of uncertainty and stress. I read somewhere that talk to yourself as if you are talking to your best friend. We don't belittle our friends. We pick them up when they are down. We give uplifting encouragement and remind them of what they are capable of and how proud we are of them. We have to remind ourselves to ourselves of that same mindset. I try to keep my journal writing positive. There are some anxieties that sneak in there but I always end with how proud I am of me.
Tonya U.
They current layout is pretty good. They only thing is I’m not sure if there’s a different journal topic per day and it seems that if I miss a day the journal topics won’t change… if there are different entry topics I would like for them to change whether I wrote in my journal or not. This way I’m getting as much inspiration as possible, because I do take the time to go back and review what I’ve written or things that I’ve missed in general.
Emily N.
I just write as I am speaking to myself. Write how you would speak out loud, if you were talking to yourself. I always end my entry with a goodnight to myself
Alicia Y.
Whichever one works for you, if it becomes too tedious you’ll stop writing. It might be just plain text or something more complicated. Try and don’t be afraid to give up on something that doesn’t work
Lyna Z.
Anyway you wish… make your own rules! Find what you love! Don’t worry about proper punctuation or how messy you may write some days. Just write. Maybe a jotted note, a happy memory, a story, a poem, bullet points, to do list, gratitude lists, goals and action plan, progress and achievements, self celebrations!!! You got this! Hope this helps!
Sebastian U.
I love free writing. Just scribbling down what comes to mind without being too limited by structure etc. can be freeing. Occasionally changing the way you write in your journal also makes the habit itself more interesting. Switch up between poetry, prose, random phrases or just symbols that are meaningful to you.
Purba F.
I think we should do daily journal writing.
We should write about our feelings that we felt the whole day and how our day went . This journal should be our friend whom we talk to about our whole day . And also keep a column called Today's achivements coz I think it's a form of self care where we get to acknowledge what we did achieve.
I Stella N.
I use an app because I want it immediately available wherever I am. Sometimes it’s only a phrase or a quote or a thought so proximity and always on availability is what matters to me.
Dominika O.
Have you ever tried non-dominant hand writing? There may be a time when you feel unsure about things in life. To access the part of you, connected to your inner wisdom and intuition, try this practice: Use facing pages of your journal or divide paper into two parts. With your dominant hand, write a question you are curious about on the (side of the) corresponding page. Then take the pen or pencil into your non-dominant hand, place it on the facing page or the other side of the paper, listen and allow your inner self to bring the answer. Let yourself be surprised by which words or other symbols come up and how clearly you already know all the answers. Make sure you thank your Self at the end of the practice and honor your truth that has been revealed. ❤️
Finn J.
Just let out your thoughts and write, it doesn't have to look good or something, just let your thoughts shape into words. I like paper most, but digitally is also good
Cl A E.
I have the "one line a day, 5 year memory book" and I love it! It's not that long so it's easier to make it a habit. The comparison over years really helps remembering all the good and bad that you have experienced. You can see how you grow!
Meenakshi N.
I would like to have my journal with more of imaginative words and interesting info… so that future me can see the difference!!✨
Zuzanna N.
The best way to start journaling is basically writing down your thoughts. Don’t look at the way others do it just do your thing write what’s on your mind reflect your day,week, months, write down meaningful things, Plans, to dos and even more.It’s your time your pages your notes do what you think is the best!
Juliano I.
I would say that the short answer is any kind that comes the best to you. So you can write with phone, computer, pen and paper, video, audio, and do it like you would speak to someone, or tell it from your on perspective like "I was…". Or you can draw. My journal is for now written in a way where I write down what I did that day and what I might have thought during the day or at the time of writing all down.
N Amh Z.
Personally, I talk about my day, what I did and how I felt it went. then maybe talk about what I could have done and what I'm proud of and then I check in with my emotions
Izzy N.
anything that comes to mind i just write down in a folder in my notes on my phone. i can organize it once it’s all written out. but writing in notes on my phone means no matter where i am or what’s happening around me i can’t vent about anything clouding my mind so i can be present and enjoy rather than dwell.
Marten X.
I will say it’s in a book, not only I can read it at loud but also not minding the errors.I will be more focused on my writing plus they say when you write it down you actually remember it easier.

So I attend to write more ,I didn’t have a notebook at first.I will usually write it down anywhere and it was easy to remember but I didn’t have the actual paper with me.With this app ,they ask me to go back a book for journaling and I did .It really help me !

Lisa C.
I can be a perfectionist at times. My handwriting should be neat, my pen ink should be just right, or my journal should be cute.
I had to just toss that notion to the side! I used an old unused journal I already had here at home. I placed it in my nightstand drawer with a pen handy. You should see the chicken scratch that I have scribbled within its pages. Oh well, I have been consistently journaling and it’s okay if it isn’t quite legible to others because they shouldn’t be snooping in the first place! Lol!
Molly N.
I definitely prefer pen and paper. Having reflection prompts that are short and sweet get the juices flowing and let's me expand as needed. Also, I have more of a tendency to complete morning journals if I put the journal in my bathroom!
Nadeen R.
Bullet journals are perfect. It keeps your organized and if you want to let some negativity out, make a page under the name of “brain dump” where you talk about your random thoughts and feelings
Marius C.
Stream of consciousness. It creates that safe space and freedom to unload and process. For me, writting it all down shows how I've been castastrophizing a task or situation. It also helps me leave it on the page and seek something that serves me.
Angelique Y.
I feel like everyone has their preference.
I prefer a more notepad type format especially since I can add pictures and so on.
Randall J.
I write in a Google doc. It’s easier for me because I can type as fast as I think. Instead of writing, which for me is super sloppy and challenging
Natanya N.
I think whatever feels comfortable should be the format used. The format doesn’t even have to stay the same throughout. Sometimes I like writing about my day. Sometimes I write a few lines of my mood and how I felt throughout the day. Sometimes I would write about what makes me anxious or what worries me. Sometimes I write about a situation and how it made me feel. Sometimes I pretend I’m writing a letter to someone. Sometimes I pretend I’m responding to the letter and I’m the one giving advice. The important thing is communicating my thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.
Deborah F.
Ik schrijf met de hand in een papieren dagboek. Ik schrijf over wat er in me opkomt, de dingen waar ik mee zit. Zo maak ik mijn hoofd leeg en zet ik mijn focus goed voor de dag.