What do you write about in your journal?

Lana N.
I wrote about how I felt as I was writing the Journal. My feelings and some of the changes I felt embarking on the Fabulous journey. I also wrote on my excitement to go through the day.
Martha F.
I write about everything great and small. My life right now is an extraordinary series of highs and lows and I write about my life as it unfolds.

My husband of 39 years died abruptly last year and my life broke from my intended path. The intensity of my grief often overwhelms me and writing about helps to get some perspective on what is happening with me.

I often feel like I wandered into a maze where I try many paths and have to turn around when I find they lead nowhere. Here is where my character is tested and I have to keep trying even when it’s exhausting. Sometimes I succeed and I am so proud. I’m doing things i’ve Never done before like building furniture, unclogging drains, making changes to the house. For the first time I am making big decisions without having anyone to discuss them with. This seems to be the area that is the hardest for me and I often am stuck as I over analyze the different choices. I struggle with mild anxiety and this is why I chose to work with Fabulous. I wanted to bring some order and routine to my life and build new habits. I’ve had to add all of my husband’s chores to my own and unless I have reminders I have a hard time remembering things.

Journaling is an aspect of self-care that Fabulous has brought to me and with hope 5 years from now i’ll Look back over my journal and see how I started my own true path.