Do you read your journal sometimes or do you just turn the pages everyday?

William C.
Kind of both.i read it at end of week on a friday or sunday intresting as life so busy you forget the thingd that matter ao having a read of jounel helps reflect memories or how week been and you see payterns and can pick things up quicker as a re think of entry week after yiu can set goal of say not gone bed on time or over slept all week you think oh i want ti go bed on time and if you managed that then u find your entry of had good night sleep ect id day read it once a week as the changes happen without realising. if read it evety day it make u anxiuos or not at all you might not pick on things up i seen improvments since using the free account.
Karla Y.
Yeah, I think reading it over once in a while is important to see how far I've progressed, see both what isn't working and what has worked before. It's also kind of funny to read the weird, nice things that have happened to me. Sometimes I also write to myself and realize I'm much nicer that way than in my thoughts haha. And reading over that is actually quite uplifting!
Nilmarie N.
I personally do not read my journal but it also a liberating feeling to know I can go back if I want to but I dont have to
Isabella F.
Specifically when I feel like I need it. You could make a daily log type of journal to keep track of things or list motivation. For me, I feel like reading an entire journal every morning before I start my day cab be taxing and draining. Instead, just read some specific things you need instead.