Do you write your journal in a notebook, or do you make a note on the fabulous app?

Ava I.
I usually write in a designated journal. Using a pen or pencil and writing out the words has more of an emotional connection to me.
Estelle Y.
Notebook! It's so different when you hand-write
That feels so good to see how you change the way you write in time, plus, if you do some research you'll discover that for the brain it's better writing in a notebook.
Jan A.
I write my journal in a physical notebook. That way, to successfully write the next page, I have to go through all the pages before. And that way you can see your progress that much more tangibly, rather than over the app where the next day you just have a text box ready for you.
Treena W.
At first I wrote it in a journal, but now I use the fabulous app. I do this as I enjoy the music that plays when you launch the habit. I find it calms me and helps me reflect on the day
Andrew Z.
I have small notebooks that I use as a journal and daily planner. I find physically writing stuff out has a bigger impact than typing it into my phone or computer.