Is it weird to reread old journals?

Aaron Bailey
Of course not. Rereading old journals can help you gauge how far you’ve come. You’ll be able to see the changes in your thought process, personality, perceptions. Reread those old journals! Learn from them!

Olivia Goerke
Not at all! Taking time to reflect on what we've thought about before is important. I dont often reread old journals but when I do I always find it so interesting to think about how far I have come since I wrote whatever it was.

Jeffery Garza
I don’t think it’s weird, I just don’t have time for it too often.
But doing it sometimes offers me a good perspective of how something that seemed important moths ago suddenly seems irrelevant.
It offers perspective and it’s good for peace of mind and sorting out things that matter. But for these reasons it’s wise to actually write about things that deeply bother you at the moment, not just daily routine. Be honest, even if it hurts while writing. Don’t pretend to the paper things are allright when they aren’t.

Ross Reyes
Not really, sometimes I get my best insights by going back and reading what I was thinking last time I went through a difficult situation- I feel like it cuts my resolutions time in half when I do that because I’m able to see what works and what doesn’t

Elia Deschamps
Hi, things are weird if you think they are. If it isn’t harming anyone (including yourself), just trust your gut-instinct. HTH.

Eva Thomas
I think it's fine typ reread old journals,. You can see how you've improved in your life. Just don't change things in it. You can see how far you've come also.

Jeremy Lucas
No I love to do that, bc I can see my progress and the change of my mind and my thoughts. You are constantly changing and it can help a lot to have a look into your journals to see how much you have changed 🙂

Alfredo Harvey
Of course not! In fact, it’s an important experiment. Think back to something that happened, and then review how it actually happened in your journal. You’ll be surprised by what your memory highlights/forgets, and that can often provide valuable insight.