How do you write in your journal? As a string of consciousness or as if you’re writing to a person?

Zerlezar N.
Im explaining to myself and usually just stating facts like "I feel really scared, but I keep going." Letting my feelings be written lets me see more vividly the things I am dealing with.
Rowan N.
As a letter to myself – I still have my diaries from the years when I was 16,18 and 21 they make fascinating reading now I’m in my 50s
Dina Y.
It's totally up to you. It's your journal. I write sometimes to a specific person and address things I want to say to them. But mostly I am just writing what I am feeling and any thoughts I have around those feelings or just a recount of what's been going on in my life. But no one is going to read it except so it really doesn't matter.
Irina S.
Depends on my intention. Sometimes I need to express my emotions or thoughts, sometimes I need to address a problem with particular person. I like to talk to the Universe (higher power).
Juan P.
I usually have a structured pattern of writing. I usually have a theme that I am writing about. sometimes I am exploring life hacks and at other times just doing an update about my business that day day.
Cecilia Q.
I never write in my journal as if I’m writing to a person. I write mostly about daily experiences that effect me either physically or emotionally and how those experiences, like broken relationships, bad habits, negative self image and other issues effect my intentions of bettering myself, my way of thinking and my journey of finding and living in a state of joy. I try not to to let positive thoughts and confident feelings pass by without writing it down to remind myself there is hope for the future and my spirit.
Damas S.
What helps me alleviate stress is to write all of my thoughts out as they come, without focusing on whether it makes sense. If I act like I’m writing to a person I end up being less genuine, which would be counterproductive to journaling in the first place.
Timony F.
I write both, it depends on whether I feel like I want to remember what's happened at that point or if I want to just empty my mind
Gabriela N.
It depends on what my heart and /or my mind needs at the moment. I don't allow myself constraints even im journaling for healing. There should be no boundary on how you journal. Write to yourself in third person, in first person, to your child self, to your future self. Draw a picture that has meaning to what you need to let go of. No constraints. Don't limit yourself.
Sarah Z.
String of consciousness. I don't write with the intent of rereading or sharing more journaling. Just getting my thoughts out helps my process.
Ellinor F.
I write as a stream of consciousness. It helps me process underlying emotions that I may not be aware of until I put pen to paper.
Jessica C.
I keep a gratitude journal, and one of the tips it gave was to begin every sentence with *I am grateful for/that". It's really helped me focus on gratitude instead of just making a list of nice things.
Pomai X.
A little of both. I write in the first person as if I were voicing my thoughts out loud. With no regard to tangents or form. I basically vent about everything
Abigail G.
I write a factual account of my day organized by topic. I describe the weather, how it affected me or made me feel. I write about any activities that I am performing for my habits. I take time to describe what I am reading and studying and explain whether I am enjoying it or not and why. I write it to myself so that I can always look back on it and have feel like I am having a conversation with myself.
Chris F.
It depends on how I feel, what is going on in my life and how much time I have to write. My FORMULA most days to a short summary of my previous day and any lessons learned followed by thoughts of things I am grateful for in my life and why, then a reflection of some worth and closing with my top one two or three big things I need to do that day. Some days my journal is a free flowing mind wandering activity that just goes.

I write in the first person knowing I will come back to reread and review my journal entries from time to time and I do. It helps reinforce lessons learned. It also provides inspiration for my blog writing at time when I am stuck.

The big thing is to just do it and, like meditation, when you miss a day or a week or a month, just begin again.

Josie T.
I write a response to my day as a string of consciousness. When I have an issue that I need to resolve with a particular person, I write it as a letter. To me, string of consciousness feels like reflection while writing a letter feels like taking action.