how can I keep being inspired to journal?

Wiebke F.
I keep my journal out at my breakfast table. Every morning I come sit down with my breakfast and some tea and it is there waiting for me. You don’t have to set a length requirement and even if your entry for that time is short, at least you put something down. Another way I’ve noticed was easier for me was having a theme for my journal. I have several different journals, I.e. a creative journal, a goals and thoughts journal, and a Bible study journal. Odds are, you’ll find something to write about in at least one of them every day.
Alysha F.
Atmosphere. Quiet place, comfy, good temp, comfortable position to write in, a nice hot coffee or tea or what ever you like, set a 10 min timer, freewrite, put pen to paper and just flow. Dont worry about mistakes or spelling or logic, just write.