What are some things you could put in a journal besides stuff that happened that day?

Jae E.
Anything you’re worried about. Maybe talk about goals and aspirations, things you want to happen. Or you can reflect on your growth and accomplishments.
Edward P.
In a journal, you can your weaknesses, flaws, fears and other ideas that you suppress mentally. As a result, you will acknowledge them and evolve by improving them.
Cynthia N.
You could create a gratitude journal. Bring gratitude in your daily life can bring in abundance energy. It has changed my life
Sandeep E.
Stress – what is stressing you out right now and what can you do it reduce it
Mindfulness – what are you thinking about the most right now
Self esteem – what are some things you can do today that will make you feel good about yourself
Gratitude – what are things you are thankful for
Limiting Beliefs – is there anything you think about yourself that is stopping you from doing something. Is your belief accurate. When did you start thinking this? What if what you believe was not true
Alda P.
Goals and aspirations. Goals you've achieved. Plane for the future. Reminders of good things that have happened, people that have helped you, happy feelings. A discussion with yourself about all your feelings. Funny ideas, creative writing ideas, things you've heard or seen that resonated with you.
Brandon O.
i started off journaling with a method i saw from a youtuber i respect. three categories for the day: things that excited me, things that drained my energy and things i learned. This really helped me open up to journaling although admittedly sometimes i fall asleep.

I love art so if i’m in that frame of mind i will create some art. this all the more easier since the journal i use is a mixed media notebook suitable for a variety of mediums. so far i’ve painted the cover and put multiple sketches in ink, color and pencil. I hope that i’ll add a pastel piece in the future.

Henoch B.
How you felt that day, what could be better tomorrow, how to prepare better for tomorrow. Review why I didn’t start something or why I didn’t finish something.
Abi N.
Aspirations – for the day and generally
To do list
Things you feel grateful for
What you could have changed about the day (to make it better)
Any inspirational quotes/mantras
Maha X.
Trying to express my feelings during the day, and my thoughts… Even my negative feelings and illogic thoughts, cause that makes me observe day by day my experiences by an inner eye, to get through my hard times and reconcile with myself.
Kreszentia F.
Inspirational quotes, some things that I may have improved on recently, some new habits I’ve made and goals for the future.
Jaime N.
I use my journal to write down daily goals, kind of a checklist of 2-3 goals that I've chosen. I check in with myself, check them off and reflect on what stood in my way if I didn't meet the goals I've set. I make time to be gracious with myself at the same time committing to do better the next day. After 30 days of success, I allow myself to add in another goal.
Damiana A.
I have a diary app called "beautiful mood"📱. It's a bullet journal and it provides 1 question per day that you can answer to reflect on your life (sometimes also questions you wish someone'd ask you 😆)
And to make my journal kore fun, I always add emoji behind every sentence like this 😗.
Kat N.
Some feelings you got or thought in the daytime, and ideas/agenda which can motivate you or worth discussion with others
Mathias F.
It can be anything like what you'd watched or what are the top priorities for you in that particular day. It is different from person to person.
Reyna N.
Ooh, I could say positive phrases or little goals for the closer future, those could be a great option and works our kindest self. 😉
Katherine C.
Budget planning, gratitude Journaling, 3 good things log, Sleep/Dream journal, Goal or habit tracking, and reflecti9n/introspection
Sarah U.
Some different things you can put in your journal are goals and reflections. Saying what you did that day is great, but reflect on what you did. Was your day productive? Was there anything you would change from the day? Was there anything you
Didn’t like about the day? What was your favorite part? Don’t just list, think about the aspects of your day. Goals are good too because if you have goals you are more likely to accomplish things. They don’t have to be crazy, some examples of goals could be drink more water, stretch, don’t procrastinate, eat three meals, etc.
Elise W.
In my journal I write about what happened that day, but also about things on my mind, quotes, bible verses. I also think about the day of tomorrow. Things I want to say or do. Also about the crush I have and how I can talk to him
Steve U.
I use it to process my emotions. The added space and time allows me to think and vent. Often I’ll start with a rant about something that didn’t go the way I wanted it to. LOTS OF CAPS and red ink. Then as I get that out of my system, I can think about why I felt the way I did. I’ll even write “why did you feel that way?” I’m often surprised by what I write down after that. If you’re really stuck, try answering the question by writing with your non-dominant hand. It makes you feel like you’re three and a takes the edge off. For example, if you write “why did you throw the book across the room?” and answer (writing with you left hand if you’re right-handed) “because I was mad” and then, with the right hand “and why were you mad?” “Because I failed the test.” And so on, probing each time and switching hands between question and answer, you can generate a very enlightening conversation
Judy Q.
i usually put notes about what i want to complete in the upcoming days and i also keep a track of habits like exercise, deep work, more water, etc.
Allison S.
How I’m feeling, one good thing I could take away from the day, my overall mood for the day, my goals, my outlook, my relationship with those around me
Aust Ja G.
Feelings, fears, hopes and dreams, express gratitude, deepdive into deep psychological issues, create something, brainstorm about anything, draw – you can add basically anything that you want