I write in my journal when I fall into my addiction, and very rarely beforehand if I feel that I could possibly fall. What do I do on days when I don’t feel anything, no pressure to lean on my addiction. What do I write in order to keep it up everyday? Do I just write about my day? (Basically talking myself rn, answering my own questions)

Petra V.
On those days write how proud you are of yourself, how strong you are and how good it is to feel free from addiction. Encourage yourself. You're doing great! Good luck!
Natalie I.
You can just write about your feelings in that moment. I journal in the morning and the evening but it’s more like a check in on how I’m feeling and any challenges that I’m facing or anything that I’m grateful for in the moment. It can be a great way to raise self awareness.
Alexis K.
Yeah! I literally write something at the end of every day, or try to write the next morning about the past day. I used to only write what I did during the day but it slowly evolved. I think even starting with just what you did will help you start writing more about your thoughts. I think it helps you notice habits and then ideally help you notice where your warning signs are and deal with them more proactively. At least that's how it works for me
Kasper U.
Write about what you feel, decluttering your mind is the best option. Also project yourself into the future, where you want to be and how! Just start with what is worrying you and then just continue to write!
A X.
Just write about anything. You could tell a story, remember memories, talk about the future or past. Or even your fav hobbies or tv shows.
The whole point of journaling is to have moments to yourself. Time to reflect, distress and understand your wants and needs. Whatever those may be, even if it may feel like nothing in the moment. (Write that in too)
Maeve B.
Hiya! I get what you mean. What you describe about your addiction is how I feel about my low moods. When I am fine, I am super reluctant to explore what would make me feel down, thinking it would be a mood killer. However in my experience, when I subsequently get
down, I wish I had sorted out coping strategies when I was feeling okay. So on the days when you feel good, why don’t you write and explore why, explore any temptations and why you didn’t falter OR if you weren’t tempted, figure out why. Did you exercise? Talk to a friend? Find a safer alternative? Etc etc. Hope this makes sense xx