What are some specific journals you have used and found beneficial?

Valeria X.
I would have to say any clean and simple notebook would do, or anything that you feel like you would write in everyday. Expensive and pretty notebook often feel like they are too expensive or too pretty to write in.
Benjamin T.
The only journal I’ve ever really done outside of writing my own thoughts was when I read the book, Women Who Run With The Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It influenced me so and helped me heal from an unwanted divorce and broken heart that I did a massive journal of writing, artistic expression and collaging. It was a blessing in my life. The rest of my journals have just been thoughts about life or observations about something I may be studying. I have filled 14 and pulled articles and other published works from them. I find I journal much less these days but do find journaling to be a great benefit to ones life.
Else A.
My iPhone Notes. I make a File for each journal. I write on top of each entry so I’m alway current. I can scroll backwards to re read if I desire. I don’t hand write journals anymore. Too cumbersome, and I don’t want to carry them around and lose them. I always have my iPhone.
William Z.
One of my journals is work
related which I reflect on to see my daily growth
Also I reflect on errors and areas I need to work on
Another journal is about people how I need to improve communication with people this ties into working relationships and personal
Roderich O.
A notebook seems to work best for me. I tried using the digital one Day One, but I found that it is an additional step for me to start writing. The most simple way is the best.
Angie E.
My favorite is "the five minute journal". It's a gratefulness journal with prompts to fill out in the morning and at night. It's a great way to start and end the day.
Elsie E.
I like reflectly! Its simple. It allows you to reflect upon each day. It prompts you about how you felt and then asks if youd like to elaborate. When your done unloading your day it prompts you with a personal question which i like. Something like What goals are you working towards. It also has space for image uploads and notes. Theres also great printed journal books as well! Theres 52 lists to happiness and i picked up this neat journey book at five below. Im sure some book stores probably have some cool ones to choose from too. Whatever you like. You cant go wrong!