What are you writing about most in your journal?

Wallace U.
I write about my worries, my successes and my progress. About my view point on certain topics And try to reflect about them
Mary Ellen Y.
That depends. Sometimes it's just the things I want to do to prepare for tomorrow morning. Other times it's the things I've accomplished and my goals for the next day. And occasionally when I have a really bad or stressful day I'll write the parts that mattered most and kind or analyzed them. And I'll also sometimes write about parts of my agenda for the next day that I'm dreading. But dont stress over it, just do what feels right when it feels right.
Chloe T.
Usually just what I did that day and any event or emotions that stuck out. Sometimes I rant about something to get it off my chest, whether it be feelings or just something that happened in a show or book.