What you write in your journal ? Because i think i will be out of idea if i will do it everyday

Alberto W.
I had the same problem, what works for me is I started using a diary app that allows me to do talk to text feature so I ask myself the question how was your day today what where some things that happened today and I answer like I would if a friend had asked me those questions. Remember it's ok that nothing exciting or earth shattering happened, journals are a record of our lives the good, the bad, the mundane and the exciting. Just keep at it until it becomes second nature!
Lonnie O.
Hi, I had the same problem! Will try the ‘morning pages’ approach, just write anything that comes to mind, without quality control. Am going to hang on for a while but if it will keep to be more effort than reward I will let go of this habit.. Good luck!
Warren J.
I’ve only been writing in my journal a short time, but I think it’s impossible to run out of things to write. Your life is always changing. Start with what you want to be different tomorrow. For example, I’ve procrastinated studying the past few days; today, the first thing I wrote was “I want to be more focused today. I will sit down and study properly”. There wasn’t much else to add to that, but that’s ok. Tomorrow, I can journal about how that went, and add a new goal for myself if I want.
Heather T.
Well, going into it, I think I will just recite what I did earlier that day, step by step, and sometimes it does turn out like that: a list. But most of the time, I close my eyes and I feel what I truly feel at that moment. Maybe sad. Maybe I feel as though I am buzzing. And then I think of a memory. Any memory. (And of course, you write this all down). And then about why that memory was triggered with your emotion.
Xen Crates F.
I write whatever I’m thinking about at that exact moment of my day. I set no expectations for what I need to put in each entry so sometimes I write a single sentence and other times it’s paragraphs. I also journal to the prompts here on Fabulous
Evandro Q.
I start with the things thay t happened throughout the day. Then im able to go back and analyze my feelings or thoughts or actions that went along with it. Trying to be consistent in doing this will be something im trying to work on myself. It really helps to see look back and see how you handled certain things etc..hope that helps some 🙂